Porter Cable Inflator PCC583B


A portable inflator is a great idea.  You can use it for so many things like blowing up your kids pool, an air mattress, your tires or anything else you can think of.  Some models only allow you to do one or the other.  The Porter Cable is a little different.



Manufacturer – Porter Cable

Model – PCC583B

Average Purchase Price – $39 (Bare Tool)


Who doesn’t need or like a portable inflator, okay maybe Troy.  I have to say I have been wanting one of these for a long time.  My kids have a lot of things I am always blowing up such as balls, pools and more and I am tired of always feeling dizzy.  The other reason is for putting air in my tires.  I have a compressor, but it is a pain to haul the compressor out to the street to just put a couple pounds of air in my tires.  I have a weird driveway, so I can’t drive my truck back to the garage.  Now with this inflator, I can make sure my tires have the right amount of air or my kids aren’t playing with flat balls.

I already own the 18V Porter Cable drill so this was a prefect fit as I could just get the bare tool and not have to buy extra batteries or chargers.  One item I really like about this inflator is the digital read out.  I can check my pressure and easily see what the pressure is.  I also like the fact that this unit allows the user to set a pressure, turn it on and it will stop at a desired pressure.  The second thing I really like about this is that it has a high pressure and high volume function.  So I can inflate my kids pool and their footballs.  There is a switch that allows me to control which feature I want, pressure or volume.

Another cool feature about this inflator is that everything has a place.  I tend to lose stuff all the time.  With this tool, that will be hard, however I am sure I will manage to lose these items.  Both the high pressure and volume are stored on the sides.  The pressure hose fits very nicely, while the volume hose takes a little more work to get that into the compartment.  One note is the pressure fitting, this is made of metal and not plastic.

On the bottom, the 10″ 12V power supply wraps up nicely and is very handy.  On the back of the tool there is a place where the needles are stored.  If you don’t look, it is very easy to miss.

Overall this is a very nice set up and provides ample PSI of up to 100.  While it is rather loud, so are other ones I have seen.  I do like this system because it’s small and portable and if you already own the Porter Cable 18V tools, this is a perfect fit.

Kit Includes

  • Inflator
  • Needle for balls
  • Attachment for mattress inflator


  1. I’d really like to find a Porter Cable PCC 583B Air Inflator, but I’d really rather find a newer model with 20v Lithium-ion batteries so it would match my set? I hope they make one soon, because if not I will be buying a Ryobi, because my uncle said he’s really happy with his. I’m just wondering what Porter Cable is thinking when they didn’t come out with one in the set with contractors running over nails on jobsites they would come in handy included in a set?


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