EGO Power Head Pole Saw Revisit

Ego Power Head Pole Saw

A while back we reviewed the EGO POWER+ Multi-Head tool system (you can find the link below).  I have never been a fan of multi-head tools.  The concept sounds great but the implementation always leaves me wanting more.  So when we first tested the EGO Power Head Pole Saw system, I wasn’t expecting much, even though I know EGO is the number one OPE tool for quality and reliability.

However, the Power Head really surprised me.  EGO stood up and made a reliable, tough, and powerful multi-head system; something I still haven’t seen from any other company.  With these multi-head systems, usually there is a loss of power for at least one of the attachments, so is worth it?  With the EGO, all the attachments are powerful and worth every penny.

So why am I here talking about a system we already reviewed?  We have received numerous questions on what is the best pole saw to buy.  So instead of individually answering all the questions in-depth, we thought it would be better to create a piece about why I think EGO has the Best Pole Saw.  So let’s take a look at the EGO Power Head Chainsaw.

EGO Power Head Pole Saw – Information

  • Name – Power+ 10″ Pole Saw Attachment
  • Model – PSA1000
  • Price – $149 (Does not include Power Head or battery)
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • Original ReviewReview #1, Review #2
  • EGO ReviewEGO Reviews

EGO Power Head Pole Saw – Revisit

Here is a quick overview of some of the features of this Pole Saw.

  • 10″ Bar & Chain
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Weather Resistant

EGO Power Head Pole Saw – Thoughts

  1. Power – As I noted above, usually multi-head systems don’t have a ton of power.  This isn’t the case with the EGO Multi-Head.  The Power Head unit is powerful and can power through the thickest of branches and even hardwood without having any issues.
  2. Ease of Use – Using the Pole Saw couldn’t be easier.  First, it runs on a battery so no worrying about mixing gas or anything.  Second, changing attachments is simple, no tools are needed.  Third, all you have to do is pull a trigger and you’re off to the races.
  3. Quality – If you know anyone who owns EGO, they can tell you firsthand that EGO is high quality.  It’s a tool line you don’t have to worry about letting you down.  The shaft of the tool is solid and doesn’t have a ton of flex.  The Power Head is going to last and the electric motor will stay working all day.
  4. Reach – As with any pole saw you will have a decent reach.  But with the EGO, you can buy an extra attachment (EP7500) and get an additional 31″ of reach.  So you’ll be able to reach even higher areas.
  5. Battery – EGO has one of the best batteries in the market.  The design and how they dissipate heat is one of the reasons that they are considered one of the top OPE batteries in the market.  Plus you can use this battery with so many other EGO products which gives you even more solutions to take care of your property.

Wrap Up

Above are just five reasons that I think the EGO Power Head Pole Saw is the best solution on the market.  I could go on and on for other reasons, like the ability to add to the system and use other attachments, but I think you get the idea.  If you need a pole saw, EGO is the top dog.


  1. It still comes down to a sharp chain that will make or break any system you try. At least EGO takes care of everything else in spades so one can tackle those tough jobs and makes us feel good about our purchase.


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