Ego Power Head System Review

Ego Power Head System Review

When Ego first came out about four years ago, they hit the market hard and made a huge splash.  While most consumers weren’t used to a high price tag in the OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) world, they began to understand that Ego wasn’t just charging a premium for their products.  They were building premium products at a reasonable price.  Which brings us to the Ego Power Head System Review.

Today Ego has become a big hit with consumers and remains one of the top OPE manufacturers which are sold exclusively at The Home Depot.  Their lawnmowers and blowers are the ones to beat.

Ego Power Head System Review – Overview

Ego Power Head System Review

So what is the Ego Power Head System?  If you currently have a string trimmer or other shafted OPE products, you may notice the similarity with them.  They all have a motor at one end, followed by a long shaft and then the other end has either the trimmer, edger or another OPE tool.

So what Ego did was create a single head with a motor which will power different attachments such as a string trimmer, edger or pole saw.

Ego Power Head System Review – Power Head

Ego Power Head System Review

If you have used an Ego string trimmer before, you will notice the power head is very similar.  The battery sits on the back of the power head which does help support and balance the weight once you install the attachment.

The head has a slide speed control depending upon what attachment you have installed and what application you are performing.

For a right handed person, the safety switch is easy to control.  Just depress it with your thumb and pull the variable speed trigger  I am assuming it’s easy to use for a lefty even though the safety is really designed for a right handed user.

Changing between attachments is very easy.  Just loosen a thumb screw, depress a button and you can remove the attachment.

Ego Power Head System Review – Edger

Ego Power Head System Review

The Ego edger does a very nice job and has plenty of power.  The rear wheel is adjustable to set a height that is easy to work with.  On the back of the unit, there is a rubber pad that helps protect the user so objects don’t fly everywhere.

While the unit did feel heavy after using for a while, it does have a nice line of sight to see exactly where you are cutting.

Ego Power Head System Review – String Trimmer

Ego Power Head System Review

There isn’t much to say about the string trimmer.  If you are already familiar with the Ego string trimmer, this is pretty much the same feel and power.  The unit is nice and will cut down the heavy areas of your yard.

Ego Power Head System Review – Pole Saw

Ego Power Head System Review

The pole saw is a nice addition to the Ego Power Head System.  While I don’t have a lot of trees on my property, I can see this being very useful for the people who do.  The saw is powerful and is very easy to work with overhead.  We found the pole saw to have a nice balance when reaching out trying to trim branches.

Ego Power Head System Review – Price

I understand you pay a premium for Ego products, but if you piece this item together, you are going to spend a ton of money, well over $1,000 for this whole unit.  The good thing is you can buy a kit which will save you a ton of cash.  You can get the Power Head, Trimmer, Edger, 5Ah battery and charger for about $400 at The HomeDepot.  If you want to add the Pole Saw, it’s another $100.  While I am not one to edge my yard every week, I do use the string trimmer every time I cut my grass.  So for someone like me, I am pretty much paying $400 for a string trimmer.  Granite there are plenty of people who will get use out of the string trimmer, edger and pole saw every week.

If you like the idea of using battery powered OPE, but don’t want to drop a ton of money, Ryobi is a great alternative.  While the quality isn’t as high as Ego, you get a great bang for your buck.

Ego Power Head System Review – Final Thoughts

Overall Ego added another quality product to their lineup of tools.  While the price point is high, the quality of the tool can justify the price tag.  I would have a hard time finding another battery powered OPE product that would have the power of this Ego unit.


  1. Eric, Why has the Powerhead system been unavailable since mid May online at HD? There must be some production problem or ? You guys know what the deal is?

    • Good question. No problems with the unit. Unfortunately the demand for the product was higher than they anticipated. They were not able to keep up with the initial volume.

  2. Lots of things sold out early this season because demand wasn’t expected or was constrained for other reasons. I kinda wish Ego had this out on when they first launched though.


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