EGO Commercial Backpack Blower

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower

When it comes to cordless Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), EGO leads the pack.  They were the first company to offer a cordless lawnmower, a cordless blower, and other OPE’s that were actually practical and useful. When EGO hit the market in 2014, they were an instant hit because they performed like gas tools and the quality was something that was lacking in the marketplace.  Since then, they have been developing a commercial line that brings me to the topic of today’s article, the EGO Commercial Backpack Blower.

EGO Commercial Backpack Blower Overview

Let’s be real, we are still not to the point where you can completely eliminate gas, especially for the professional landscaper.  Yes, for the homeowner, EGO has pushed the limits and allowed the homeowner to completely move from corded and/or gas to battery.  For the professional, we are still a little ways off because some of these tools, like a riding lawnmower, are such high power-demanding tools.  However, EGO just took it one step closer to being able to move over and transition to professional battery-powered tools.

EGO Commercial Backpack Blower Features

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower

The EGO Commercial Backpack Blower* with Peak Power is a new addition to the EGO commercial line.  This blower offers 800 CFM, speeds of up to 190 MPH, and a 26N push force.

It is designed around a 1,900W brushless motor which is equivalent to a 60cc gas engine. Even the outside is designed to perform as it has a UV-resistant composite housing and IPX5 rated for weather-resistant use.

This EGO Commercial Backpack Blower is built with commercial-grade electronics that are internally monitored and cooled when needed. The mechanicals are entirely self-serviceable. These smart features equate to less downtime.

*This EGO Backpack Blower is sold in three configurations:

  1. LBPX8000 – Backpack Blower Only
  2. LBPX8004-2 – Backpack Blower with two 6.0Ah Batteries & Dual Port Charger
  3. LBPX8006-2 – Backpack Blower with two 10.0Ah Batteries & Dual Port Charger

This blower is powered by EGO 56V batteries.  This blower requires two batteries which are easy to insert and remove from the back of the blower.

These batteries give up to 120 minutes of run time on low and 30 minutes on high.

The middle of the tube is flexible and easy to maneuver.  This blower only has a 65db(A) rating at 50′.

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower

The hand control is your traditional arm with the trigger and lock.  However, it has an additional cool feature, the screen.

On top of the handle is a screen that shows battery life and power.

The tube’s end-cap can be removed for clearing a wider area, plus the tube can be extended with a quick flick of a lever.

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower

On the top of the backpack, there is a handle making it easier to grab and carry.  There is an additional handle located on the bottom.

The shoulder and waist straps are padded making it more comfortable.  There is also a chest strap for better weight distribution and to help keep the blower in place and not move side to side.

EGO Commercial Backpack Blower Performance

For me, there are three things I look for in a backpack blower.  I want power, comfort, and run time, with comfort being a top priority.  I’ve used a wide variety of backpack blowers and when it comes to comfort, this is one of the best I’ve worn.  The straps are thick and padded.  For the waist strap, it is easy to put above the hips to help offset the weight.  So all in all, this is one comfortable backpack blower.

Next are power and run time.  We already talked about the runtime (120 minutes on low, 30 minutes on high, 25 minutes on turbo), which is great for a battery-powered backpack blower.

As for power, this blower does not lack power.  We live in Chicago and spring is finally here.  After each winter, we always have areas of dirt where the plows pushed and left the snow. The snow melts and leaves rocks and other debris behind.  We were able to easily move smaller rocks and leaves that have been buried under the snow for the winter.

So in the end, this blower meets all three of my criteria: comfort, power, and run time.

Ego Commercial Backpack Blower Wrap Up

Professional landscapers can not throw away all of their gas-powered and corded equipment just yet, but we are definitely getting closer.  The EGO LBPX8000 is powerful, offers good runtime, and is extremely comfortable.  EGO did a great job with the addition of this backpack blower to their commercial line of tools. You can find EGO products at LOWE’s, Ace Hardware, and on AMAZON (with free shipping on most products).


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