SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

I am sitting here trying to decide where to start.  I have used and reviewed a ton of circular saws over the years.  I believe a circular saw is a must-have in any tool arsenal.  This could have something to do with when I was remodeling my house; it was one of my most used tools.  And when it comes to circular saws, I am a fan of rear handle saws as opposed to top handle saws – probably because my first saw was the 50-lb Skilsaw Worm Drive circular saw. So now that you know all my circular saw history let’s get started and take a look at this 20V 7-1/4-in SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw.

SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw Overview

OK so the Skilsaw wasn’t 50 lbs. but it sure felt like it for my 16-year-old skinny arms.  That was the saw my grandfather gave me when I was fixing a deck on the back of our house.  This SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw reminds me of that exact saw, but without the cord and without the weight.

SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw Features

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

This SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw has a brushless motor that drives a 7-1/4″ blade. While we didn’t test this, SKIL states that you can get 600 cuts per charge. Which equates to you getting a whole lot of work done with this cordless saw.

The saw is powered by two PWR CORE 20V 5Ah Li-Ion batteries which give it 40V power. Best of all, if the batteries are drained, the Dual Port PWR JUMP charger can charge both batteries to a 25% charge in 15 minutes, which means less downtime.

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

As you can see and even the name implies, it has a rear handle.  For me, this is much easier to use and control than a top handle saw.

It is easy to adjust both the depth of cut (2-9/16-in. max) and the bevel (0-53°). And I appreciate the adjustment markings for both are easy to read.

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

The baseplate is smooth and has grooves to help it glide across your work with minimal resistance.

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

One cool feature is the built-in foldable rafter hook.  No more throwing the tool on the ground and bending over to pick it up.  Now you can hang it on your bench or saw horse. There is also a tether notch at the back of the tool. Sometimes it’s a safe idea to tether tools to prevent them from falling or dropping from heights.

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

They even have a built-in LED light to help light up your cut line.

SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw Performance

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

The saw is lightweight and for me, I think it has a great line of sight.  Plus I like how they designed the saw with the dust control system in the handle so it’s easy to direct dust away from you and your workspace.  And when you have it hooked into a dust management system, dust is almost completely removed.

Skil Rear Handle Circular Saw

In regards to power, nothing to complain about here.  The saw is more than powerful enough to perform any cutting task. The digital* brushless motor performs at up to 5,300 RPM’s and is equipped with an electric brake. Cutting through 2×4’s and even larger dimensions is extremely easy.  And according to SKIL you can cut up to three sheets of plywood in one pass. I tried it, and it was easy.

* “Intelligent power management maximizes power and extends tool life.” 

SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw Value

So here’s the deal.  Most of the time I feel like companies price their products fairly.  We do find those certain instances where a company’s price is way too high.  For the SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw, I am going in the other direction.  You can pick this saw up for $249.00 (at the time of this writing this kit is on sale for $199) which is a steal.  After using the saw and before knowing the price, I would have guessed mid $300’s considering the tool’s quality and power. Plus you get a Dual Port PWR JUMP charger, two PWR CORE 20V 5Ah batteries, and a 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade.  So for me, $249 is a steal.

SKIL Rear Handle Circular Saw Wrap Up

All in all, SKIL did a great job with this saw.  The saw feels and performs like the more expensive saws, but it doesn’t have the sticker shock as the other brands.  The 0-25% 15-minute charge time is nice for those times when we are all most done and just need a couple more cuts.  With this rapid charge feature, you can actually finish the job.  In the end, if you are looking for a powerful and comfortable rear handle saw, this is a great buy.


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