DeWalt DCE555 Cut Out Tool


When it comes to drywall installation, a cut-out tool can be your best friend. And should shop wisely; the better the cut-out tool the better the installation will go for you.  You need something that is designed to take the everyday abuse of the job site and still perform well when cutting drywall. DeWalt just released the DeWalt DCE555 Cut Out Tool. Let’s see if it will be a drywall installer’s best friend.

Dewalt Cut Out Tool

DeWalt DCE555 Cut Out Tool – Features

Dewalt DCE555 Cut Out Tool

The DeWalt DCE555 features a brushless motor that delivers 26,000 RPMs to cut through drywall efficiently.  This tool accepts 1/8″, 5/32″, and 1/4″ bits and collets. And bit changing is a tool-free process.

This is sold as a bare tool. We powered it with a DeWalt 20V MAX XR Li-Ion battery.

The rubber over mold grip is not only a nice added feature but we like how the handle isn’t large.  The handle allows the user to grip the tool easily.

The tool has a forward position, plunger style ON/OFF switch for easy actuation.

The depth guide can easily be adjusted by using the large thumb screw.

This is a very cool feature.  Instead of trying to loosen or tighten the nut with a tiny tool, that always gets lost.  The tool is designed with a tool-free changing system which means quick and effortless changing of bits – and no tool to lose!

DeWalt DCE555 Cut Out Tool – Impressions

Overall this is a nice drywall tool.  With a high-speed brushless motor, you know it will rip through drywall and provide a clean cut.  The built-in LED is a plus and helps light up the area you’re cutting.  The ON/OFF switch is placed in a great spot, and we especially like the design of the tool-free blade change.  Overall this tool is well balanced and with the grip and size of the handle, this is a tool that you should be able to use all day long and cut down on arm and hand fatigue.

DeWalt DCE555 Cut Out Tool – Wrap Up

DeWalt is a company that makes quality tools for professionals.  The DeWalt 20V line is large and keeps on growing with new and improved tools for the contractor.  If you are invested in the DeWalt line and looking to get a well-balanced and quality tool, take a look at the DeWalt DCE555 drywall cut-out tool.


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