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You saw the reasons I went with a Blaze King and now it is time to talk about why I went with the DuraVent.  I had a hard time when it came to a liner for a number of reasons.  First, I had no idea what to look for and second I couldn’t find any real information with user experience.  However, I did know there were some things I wanted with a liner such as:

  1. A Quality Liner – I wanted a liner I could trust because this is what is exhausting toxic smoke outside of the house.  I wanted a good name and a product that was reliable.
  2. A Good Warranty – Sometimes a warranty is not that important to me, but considering what this product does and how it will be there for a long time, I wanted a product that had a great warranty and was backed by the company.
  3. Company with History – I don’t like fly by night companies.  I wanted a company that has history and has been making piping for a long time.
  4. Install Features – Since I am installing this liner myself, I wanted something easy, but strong since I knew I would probably beat it up when installing it.
I looked around at different companies and different products.  Again I tried to research it, but couldn’t find a lot of information as everyone was talking about their wood burning stoves and nothing about the piping.  I did see two companies that kept showing up through different searches, but I just didn’t know enough to make a good decision.  I touched base with our contact over at Blaze King to get his opinion.  Before I could even finish my long winded explanation of my research he told me right away to go with a DuraVent.  He said they make the best liner and that I should take a look at the Duraliner.  I have to say I was happy he said this with such conviction because DuraVent was one of the liners I was considering.  Now I could focus my attention towards DuraVent and see if this was right for my project.

DuraVent – A Quality Liner

I knew I wanted a double insulated liner and one that held up.  I have a large rise and wanted to make sure the liner stayed warm all the way up to help prevent creosote build up and keep a good draft.  It’s hard to really explain the quality of these liners.  You just have to pick one up and see for yourself.  It’s like trying to explain how a good baseball glove just fits perfect on your hand.

DuraVent On Amazon

DuraVent Warranty

Duravent has a great warranty on their DuraVent liner.  The liner has a 100% percent replacement for 15 years and 50% after the 15 years.  That’s pretty hard to beat.


DuraVent History

DuraVent started in 1958, so they have a long history and they know what they are doing.  A track record is important to me.  Along the way DuraVent acquired ProTech Systems which is a highly respected product line.


DuraVent Install

I have to say I thought the install might be a little hard, but it was quite easy.  It would have been better if Dan wasn’t complaining about the weather and being on a roof.  I really like how easy this was to install.  The pieces fit together nicely and you can rivet them in a snap.  Even that Chimney cap was easy to install.

I know it is hard to tell if you truly have a good liner, but I am extremely happy with the DuraVent liner.  The install was easy, the liner seemed to be of great quality and it was so easy to install.  I am going to be replacing my boiler soon and I know I will be using a Dura liner as I want a quality product and I have had a great first experience with them.




  1. Wow that is impressive. Who would have thought the temp difference would be so great. Great vid guys. I would say the liner is top notch.

  2. Wow that is a nice firestop protector they have between the two sheets of Stainless. Nice video and great article. Keep up the good work. Nice to see your projects and learn about some companies along the way.

  3. Best liner around. No one compares to it. I have been installing these liners for a while. I like how you guys showed the heat with the liner. I try to explain to customers how a double liner really works and this is a great example. Maybe I should take my computer with and show them this video.

    • LOL. Let us know how people react. I was amazed I could holt it and it didn’t even heat up on the outside. Whatever the insulations is, it is very good. Plus the stainless helps.


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