Milwaukee Pliers – Electricians Dream Tools




48-22-4106 6″- 48-22-4107 7″ – 48-22-4108 8 ” – 6 in 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Milwaukee has come out with some pretty cool and innovative hand tools.  The biggest thing we noticed with Milwaukee hand tools is the ability to lighten up your tool belt.  A lot of Milwaukee hand tool have multiple uses which means you don’t have to carry as many tools in your tool belt.  Well as you can see, these pliers do the same thing as they are multipurpose.

  • Reaming
  • Bolt Cutter
  • Wire Cutting
  • Nail Pulling
  • Nail Cutting
  • Staple Pulling

The pliers have a very nice feel to them.  The grip and balance is very comfortable.  The pliers come with a lifetime warranty.


48-22-3210 10″ &  48-22-3212 12″ – Tongue & Groove Pliers

Tongue and groove pliers have been around for a long time.  However Milwaukee added a twist to these pliers.  Using the head you can ream pipe, how cool is that?  The 10″ pliers will ream up to 2″ pipe and the 12″ pliers will ream up to 2-1/4″ pipe.  The grips on these pliers are very nice.  The grip has some small grooves for added grip when using with gloves.  The top black part of the grip is a softer plastic, so when wet, you can still grip the pliers.  The pliers have hardened jaws for longer life and have rust protection.  As with all Milwaukee hand tools, these are backed by a lifetime warranty.




48-22-3069 – 6 in 1 Combination Pliers

It reams, strips wire, cuts bolts, cuts wire, has a loop maker all in a tight gripping needle nose plier.  Strips 10-18 AWG solid wire and 12-20 AWG stranded,  it also has a reaming feature.  The grips are comfortable  and the pliers are spring loaded and with a one hand locking mechanism to lock the tool in your pouch.  This is a must have for any electrician.

48-22-3068 – 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers


It does everything the combination pliers does, but bigger, it strips 10-14 AWG (Solid Wire); 12-16 AWG (Stranded Wire)  it also can pull nails thanks to it’s nail puller in between the grips that provides a lot of leverage for even the toughest nails.


48-22-3309 – 6 IN 1 Lineman’s Pliers 

Carry less tools with this bad boy, it does Reaming, Bolt Cuting, Wire Cutting, Nail Pulling and even has a Fish Tape Puller.  Laser hardened cutting edges mean that they stay sharp for a long time and the high leverage design will tackle any job you throw at it.

12″ 48-22-3112 – 10″ 48-22-3110 – 8″ 48-22-3108 – Reaming Pliers

Exposed reaming handles, light and easy to adjust and lock these are one of our favorites.  We reviewed them here.


Milwaukee’s new pliers are the ones to beat.  Ergonomic, lifetime warranty, rust resistant the list goes on.  These tools really prove that Milwaukee is listening to the tradesman and producing some innovative tools to meet  the users needs.  Check out


    • Good question. We threw out our packaging, so I am not sure. We looked all over the tools and couldn’t find any country, just a warning about safety equipment. My guess is no since they don’t say it.

    • Hi John, Yes, I still use mine. I probably don’t use mine as much as an electrician but I cut the craziest things with them.


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