Master MH-70-SS Portable 70,000 BTU Radiant Kerosene Heater – Review


Ahh January, the time when a good heater is a necessity, especially if you work out in an unheated shop like me.  Recently we checked out a few heaters that were propane powered, this time around we are looking at a kerosene heater.  What’s the difference?  Well, propane runs cleaner, you don’t have that strong fuel odor like kerosene.  I however like kerosene, I think it’s cheaper to run than propane if you get it from a pump usually.  This unit is also branded as Pro-Temp 70000 BTU Kerosene Radiant Sun Stream Heater.

The Master MH-70-SS is a radiant kerosene heater that performs similar to a regular Torpedo heater except it radiates the heat more.  The unit has a 4 gallon fuel tank and consumes a 1/2 gallon per hour making it efficient . It burns with relatively no smell or smoke, on start up there is a little puff and when it runs our of fuel there is some smoke. The unit weighs 30 lbs. without fuel and heats up to 1,750 sq. feet. The box of the unit said that it uses multi-fuels like diesel and Jet -A, but in the manual it says use only 1-k Kerosene.  I would use only 1-K Kerosene because it burns the cleanest anyway.   As with any heater,  you want to ventilate the area you’re heating to avoid death from Carbon Monoxide fumes, so crack a window or door.  Safety features have been built in in case of flame out or the unit fails to ignite.

The unit is a breeze to operate, basically fuel it up , plug it in and turn it on.  The tank has a fuel gauge so you can monitor your fuel supply at a glance.  On the side of the heater is a 120V AC outlet, plug in an extension cord and you’re in business.  On the back is the power switch that has a red status LED.  The unit is quieter than most torpedo kerosene heaters.  As it runs low on fuel the fan did tend to get a bit louder due to the lack of weight at the base/tank.  Another cool feature is that when you shut the unit off the fan keeps running until the unit is cooled down.  The included manual is one of the best I have seen, it is easy to read and gives you many exploded views and parts lists, it even has a QR code you can scan with your smart phone to get support.

I give the Master MH-70-SS a thumbs up,  it works well and heats up as advertised. Our 2 car garage was toasty warm.  It is a lot more portable and quiet than most other kerosene heaters out there.  The unit includes a standard one year warranty.



  1. I use this in my shop and works great. Couldn’t figure out why it ran for a while after I turned it off. I looked every where to figure that out. After feeling like an idiot, I realized it was suppose to do that.

    • That is what I did also. I was at Dan’s house and turned it off. It kept running for awhile. I was trying to figure out why. Dan was just standing there laughing at me.


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