Diablo Ultimate Flawless Finish Saw Blades


You want a good saw blade?  Look towards Diablo, a division of Freud.  You pay a little more money compared to the off brand that sits right next to the Diablo blades on the shelf.  However in the long run, you’re actually paying less.  I believe the Diablo blades last much longer, create less wear on tear on your saws and produce a better cut.  For me, the couple of extra bucks is well worth it.

We had the pleasure to get to use both the 10″ and 12″ saw blades.  We hooked the 12″ up to our Bosch miter saw and the 10″ to our Bosch table saw.  We used these blades when we were making our bar out of Purple Heart and Walnut, both hard woods.  For this project it was important to have a nice clean cut as we were joinning more than one piece together.  This saved time and aggravation on our end.  Time and time again the Ultimate Flawless Finish blade performed and did exactly what it claims.  Now I can’t say 100% that this really does require less effort on the part of the saw, since we don’t have that type of testing equipment.  However I can say it surely feels like the wood traveled through the blade much easier than the previous blades we had on the saws.  So what makes this blade so special?

One of this biggest advantages of these blades is the Axial Shear Face Grind.  This is the technology that allows you to create a perfect finish cut on your wood.  If you watch the video below, you can see exactly what ASFG is and how it works.  Another key feature is the ultra slim kerf design.  This thin kerf is what also allows the blade to cut through wood with less power.

In the end you will pay a little more for this blade compared to other blades on the market, however I do feel this extra layout of cash is well worth the extra money.   When I mean extra money, I am only talking about a couple of bucks.  Saving time, producing a better cut and providing less wear and tear on your motors is well worth buying this blade.







  1. I just bought the 80 tooth diablo and its great! It also made my Bosch gts1031 a little quieter. I guess the thin kirf helps.

  2. +1 on the Diablo’s. I use them in all my saws and can’t find a bad word to say. My Dewalt table saw cuts easier than it did with the factory blade, no question about it. They’re a bargain compared to most of the Forrset blade and IMO the cut quality is just as good.

  3. I don’t cut nearly as much as you guys do but I fell in love with Diablo blades a few years ago. I was given my grandfather’s old Skil saw after he passed away. When I used it the thing didn’t want to cut much at all, looked around for blades read all the great reviews on Diablo blades and purchased one. Wow that 20 yr old saw seemed brand new and cut through wood w/out a problem. Since then all my saws have been changed over to Diablo blades and I couldn’t be happier. Plus the fact I live in the shadow of Mt. Diablo I figured they were the right blades for me.

  4. I still can’t work out the difference between these ASFG blades and standard ATB blades, and whether producing flat-bottom rebates and trenches is possible.

  5. In that price range I still like the CMT brand the best but the Diablo blades are almost as good. I have 80 tooth versions in both brands for my Craftsman 21237 miter saw.

    There is only one minor difference for me. I cut a lot of pine and hard curly maple. Both 10 inch blades cut as well as a $100+ blade and last a long, long time compared to the box store brands. The only real difference I have noticed is the CMT blade does not have to be cleaned as often as the Diablo.


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