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DeWALT really knows how to build a quality generator.  On the job site, generators take a beating running 8-14 hours and even in some cases 24 hours a day until the job is done.  Contractors demand run time, reliability and the ability to withstand the harshest environments.  Rain, snow, mud, subzero temperatures, drops, you name it a job site generator goes through it.  It is the heart of a job site and we wanted to find out what the contractors thought of this generator.  We took it to Tony of Reliable Services of Illinois who was restoring a house that was destroyed by a fire.  The house was being built from the foundation up.  Since there was no electrical service, they needed to run a generator all day to run the lights and compressors, etc.  It was freezing cold the day we were out there and I recommended that they run a heater from it.  Tony’s reply was “Are you going to pay for the fuel?”.  So no heat.  The DXGN4500 has an integrated hook at the top of the frame for a lifting point.  The frame is rugged, completely protects the unit and overall has a good weld quality.  The unit weighs 160 lbs dry and will require 2 people to move unless you get the optional DXGN010WK wheel kit like the one we had on the DXGN7200 review that we did.

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DeWALT mated the efficient reliable 9hp GX270 motor to a premium brushless alternator to make this one of the best generators in its class.  On top of the unit is a 7gal fuel tank with a gauge that will give you up to 15 hours of runtime at 50% power.  This unit will easily last you all day on one tank and save you money on fuel.  4200 running watts and 4500 max watts is what the DXGN4500 puts out with a max of 35 amps.  Power is available through two 20A 120V GFCI receptacles.  A 20A 120V twist lock receptacle and a 20A 120/240V  twist locking receptacle.  All of the receptacles are covered with a protective rubber cover to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the receptacles.  The front panel is laid out well with big easy-to-use switches that you can use even with gloves on.   The fuel shutoff is located in a big recessed area to prevent it from being damaged.  This generator has an idle control switch that lowers the idle down when power demand is low.  Next to that is an hour meter for keeping tabs on your maintenance schedule .

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The DXGN4500 acquired great fanfare from Tonys crew.  They liked the low noise and easy starts of the Honda motor.  The unit sipped gas as it lit up the basement that they were framing.  That fuel efficiency will add up to huge savings on this job.  They showed us an old DeWALT DG4300 with a Honda GX240 that they use and it just sits out in the back of a pick up exposed to the elements for over 8 years.  It has seen better days but started up first pull.  Now that is impressive!  The DeWALT DXGN4500 is the entry level unit into their generator line.  It is a rugged solution for any contractor.  For the homeowner also, if you want reliable power from a generator that will withstand the storm that took the power out, look no further than the Dewalt DXGN line of Honda powered generators. The premium alternator will give you clean smooth power to your electronics without damaging them.  This unit will last a homeowner a lifetime. I would recommend a wheel kit for easier maneuverability.  Dewalt covers these units with a 3 year warranty.  As with any gas powered product never run it inside a enclosed area and always use fresh gas.  Check out


  1. Can you guys review the DXGN14000? There are no reviews for it, I want to see it in action before I invest the $$

  2. Have to admit I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GENERATORS but really need one out here in the
    country. We have power outages quite often and I just don’t know what to get in a


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