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It is not often that I refer to myself as a pro in the tool world, but I am an IT (Information Technology) pro.  For 15 years now I have worked and owned an IT company that focuses on network installations and configurations among basic computer troubleshooting.  Commonly we are referred to as low voltage technicians.  A lot of our work involves adding network jacks or tv outlets within existing walls.  This can get tricky for many reasons, number one being you cannot see into the wall.  Outer walls are filled with insulation which makes it even harder to guide a fish tape or cable through the wall.  Our friends over at sent us out the Magnepull XP Wire Fishing System to try out.  It is as ingenious as it is basic.  You attach your cable to the chain with the bullet magnet and drop it down into the wall.  You then use the rolling retriever to capture the bullet.  Once you capture the bullet you just roll down to your desired hole and it pulls right out.

The videos below explain the process quite well.  This really saves us time, especially through walls with insulation, it glides right through.  I can honestly say that I have spent over 20+ minutes on walls with insulation before in a hot attic and this tool would have been a life saver!  For bigger companies with multiple technicians this is going to save you money in man hours and make your company more efficient.  Check it out over at Tech Tool Supply.




  1. As a low voltage installer myself, I’m looking forward to more in this series. I have the Magnepull XP, and it does work really well in wood frame construction. You can use it with metal studs too, but be careful not to let the leader (the part in the wall) get too close to a stud (or anything else metal, for that matter) – it’s magnetic too, and will latch onto anything metal that it gets close enough to. Mine got stuck on a metal stud and I had to cut a hole in the wall big enough to get my arm in to retrieve it.

    If you’re looking for suggestions for future product reviews in this series, I’d love to see a review of the Magnespot XR1000.


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