Husky 20 Gallon Compressor F2S20VWD


We have done a lot of compressor reviews, but we just started looking at the Husky line which is offered at Home Depot.  A couple days ago we did the 3 gallon compressor which is a pretty good compressor, so we thought we would follow up with a 20 gallon Husky compressor.  The model number isF2S20VWD so lets jump in.

Having a high capacity compressor is great to have in your garage for a variety of reasons and applications.  This 20 gallon Husky uses a 1.5 hp (15 Amp) induction motor with an oil free pump.  Having an oil less compressor is nice because of lower maintenance, but with this unit you are giving up peace and quite.  I have to say this unit is very loud.  The max psi is 150 which isn’t all that bad and 4.0 SCFM at 90 means you can use this for a variety of different tools and applications.  Reading the gauges is very easy because they are located on the top with a nice viewing glass.  Also adjusting the regulator is easy and was easy to dial it down to a pressure we wanted.  This unit weights 106 lbs.

When we first took the compressor out of the box, I was a little disappointed as it didn’t sit level on the ground.  At first we thought the ground was uneven, but after looking further, it actually had to do with the placements of the front legsbut I am sur this was just an issue with our unit.   Looking at the compressor, it looks very nice and is eye appealing.  After everything was set up we turned the unit on.  One thing your ears will notice is how loud the compressor is.  By no means is it the loudest compressor we have heard, but its not the quietest either.  I would have to say it was on the louder level of the compressor noise scale (Whatever that is).  Once we had the max pressure, which did take some time to fill, it did hold the air with no leaks.  If you take away the uneven legs, loudness and time to fill the tank, its not a bad compressor.

If you visit the Home Depot website, you can see some people have been complaining of having leaks with their systems.  I understand that most people leave comments when they are pissed off so may they have sold 200K units and have only had this these 10 problems.  But again who knows.  Luckily Home Depot seems to be pretty good at backing up what they sell and with a 2 year warranty you will have a little bit better feeling of buying this unit.

Overall this an entry level get what you pay for compressor.  It is made for the homeowner and the price range is on the lower end for a 20 gallon.  With a little more money you can get a Craftsman, not sure if its much better or not.  My Campbell Hausfeld still runs great and I think that retails for about $50 more, but $50 is a lot of money.



  1. Thanks for the review, I’m looking for a compressor but it’s going in a votec shop and loud is to good to teach over. Thanks


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