Diablo SandNet Disc

Diablo SandNet Disc

Diablo is known for their accessories such as reciprocating blades, saw blades, router bits and more.  However, there is one product that they seem to be quiet about and that is their sanding discs.  Now maybe they do advertise this product, but I never hear about them or see them advertised.  So I figured what better way to tell you a little bit about them and create an article for the Diablo Sandnet Disc.

Sanding Discs

Sanding discs are primarily used for orbital or random orbital sanders.  As the name implies since they are discs, they would be round.  As a consumer, you have a variety of different sanding discs to choose from.  Anything from no name brands to brand names like 3M.

Personally, I usually use Mirka sanding discs.  Why you ask?  Well, a while back I got a great deal on Amazon because a company was having a blow out sale so I scooped up enough to last me a lifetime.  Okay, maybe not a lifetime, but a long time.

I have been using these discs for the past 10 years and I love them.  They hold up and last a long time.  Are they perfect?  No, not at all.  Certain projects they tend to fail quickly because I abuse them by sanding glue or adhesives instead of prepping the work the right way.

What Makes a Good Sanding Disk

There are a couple of things that make a sanding disc worth the investment.

First, you want to find a well know company or a name you know.  Sure you can get cheap no name discs but I have found they don’t last very long.  It seems like I always end up getting my self in more trouble when I go cheap.  A company that has a reputable name tends to use better material because their name is on the line.

Another factor is how the disc is set up.  Sanding produces a ton of particles in the air and a ton of waste.  Most of the time you have to hook your sander into a dust collection system.  Well, not all sanding discs are equal when it comes to dust collection.  Some discs have smaller holes or holes that don’t line up correctly.  When this happens, you have less room for suction and less room for collection.

Another item that makes a disc good is the spread of grit.  Some papers may be 120 grit but when you look closely they don’t have a lot of product on the paper to perform the job very long.  The more product on the paper, the longer the disc will last.

Diablo SandNet Disc

Diablo SandNet Disc

The Diablo disks are very nice and offer a lot more than just your traditional sanding disc.

First, these discs are reusable which you won’t find with other disks.  They are very easy to blow out, shake out or wash out dust particles and keep reusing.  Yes, they do have a life span to them and will only last so long, but it’s much longer than your traditional discs.

The holes are nice and big which means these are great for people who use a dust collection system when they sand.  The holes don’t clog easily and again if they do, you can clean them out.

Diablo SandNet Disc

The discs are coated in an aluminum oxide grit for fast material removal and long life. These discs are great for sanding material such as wood, metal, and plastic.  What other discs can do all this with a single disc?

Bottom Line

Diablo SandNet DiscDiablo is a name you can trust.  Are these the best sanding discs in the world?  No, but some people love them and swear by them.  While I still love my Mirka’s, I have to admit that the Diablos are awesome.  They last a long time and they are great during dust collection.  With these two pros about the discs, it’s hard to beat.



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