Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

Milwaukee Copper Cutter Review

A while back we introduced you to the new Milwaukee LDM (Laser Distance Meter).  At the time we covered the 65′ and the 150′.  This time we want to take a look at a strong meter with our Milwaukee laser distance meter review, the 330′.

Ten years ago Milwaukee decided to dominate the market and ever since then, they have been.  No other tool company has brought to market more tools and innovation than Milwaukee Tool.  They have entered so many new and existing markets.  They have made a big splash and had other manufacturers play catch up.  However, when it comes to LDM’s, I can’t say I am fully sold.

It has nothing to do with Milwaukee and has everything to do with my perception.  Bosch, Hilti, and other manufacturers have been in this market for a long time.  I have seen so many people who are happy with Bosch and Hilti.  Measuring tools rely on technology and electronics.  A user has to believe in and rely on these tools to be accurate.  I have seen so many times a Bosch being dropped, left in the rain and more and it still works and is accurate.  So hopefully you understand why it’s hard for me to easily be persuaded to move to Milwaukee for LDM’s.  I am not saying Milwaukee isn’t worth a look but when you have had a great experience with others companies, it’s hard to take a step in another direction.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review – Overview

The Milwaukee LDM (48-22-9803) retails for about $200, which is in line with other tools in this class.  This tool carries a 3-year warranty and has an IP54 rating.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

The front has a nice user design with six total buttons.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

The LDM is designed with impact-resistant over mold for protection to help protect it against harsh conditions.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review – Features

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

The Milwaukee LDM is packed with a ton of features.  When Milwaukee designed this LDM, they wanted to create a simple interface, which they nailed.  Getting to different screens and settings is very easy.

The LDM features 3-position auto detecting positions and a digital auto level.  With the 3 level position auto detector a user can take a measurement from corners and edges, which is very cool.

You can add and subtract values and even calculate linear distance, indirect height, and length, surface area, total area, and volume, plus 30 memory storage readings.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review – Use

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

LDM’s are not hard to use.  While some functions may be hard to find, taking a measurement is straight-forward.  The Milwaukee LDM isn’t any different.  The continuous reading is nice and taking a measurement is also very easy.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

I love the color screen because it’s easy to read in almost any light condition.

The simple user interface is easy to navigate and find your way around.  You can easily and quickly select a variety of different options and functions.

The side shot feature makes taking a measurement easy.  We have all had those times when we try to take a measurement, but it’s not easy to access the front pad.  With the side shot, you can even take a measurement in awkward positions.

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review – Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great LDM and one that users will welcome into their tool bag.  The LDM is easy to read and easy to use.  The accuracy is key and this LDM provides accuracy you can trust.  I love the automatic measurement function where the tool will take a measurement once it detects a level position.  If you are looking into an LDM, Milwaukee is one you want to consider.  I would pick up the Bosch also and see which one suits you the best.



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