Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review Model DCS371

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review

If you are looking for a band saw, Dewalt has you covered.  Dewalt offers both a corded and cordless version depending upon your needs.  For today, let’s cover the cordless band saw 20V and more specifically the DCS371 cordless, so let’s jump in and go over the Dewalt cordless band saw review.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review – Overview

Long gone are the days where you break out your hand saw to make a cut.  What was once a task that took time and effort is now a painless and simple task like cutting a 2″ pipe. That’s because today electricians have more options than just a simple hand saw.  They now have a tool that can fit in their hand and make quick, accurate cuts without leaving burrs or hot pipes.  Dewalt isn’t the first to have a cordless band saw on the market.  Many other companies like Milwaukee Tool, Bosch and others have their own version.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw ReviewThe Dewalt runs off their 20V battery platform so if you already own the Dewalt platform, you can buy this in a bare tool.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review – Features

Overall the saw isn’t feature packed but most band saws aren’t packed with useful features.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review

Dewalt designed this with an integrated hang hook which allows you to hang the tool up in between cuts.  Plus when you hang the tool up you aren’t damaging the handles or base.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review

Changing the blade is simple.  There is a tool free lever you can move to adjust and change the blade making it easy to get back to work in case you break or damage a band saw blade.

The handles feature a soft grip style handle making it easy to hold and control while making cuts.

The saw is able to cut up to 2-1/2″ pipe and also features a nice large face plate to help keep your work tight against the saw.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw ReviewThe built in, automatic LED does a decent job putting light on your work and seeing exactly where you are cutting.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review – Performance

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review

This saw might look small but it packs a powerful punch with a motor that delivers 740 FPM.  Cutting through pipe and rebar is a snap with the saw.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review 14

The line of sight is great as your hands are off center so you can easily see the blade.  With the saw being off center, you would think it would make the cutting a little difficult, but that is the furthest from the truth.  Working with the saw truly makes your daily tasks much easier.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review – Value

Dewalt offers a decent bang for your buck with this saw.  Is it the best cordless saw on the market?  I will leave that to you but in my opinion, it’s one of the top saws.  If you own Dewalt, this is a saw you should stick with.  Is it good enough to move from a different battery platform to Dewalt? I don’t really think so. I believe it’s a nice addition to Dewalt’s already large lineup.

Dewalt Cordless Band Saw Review – Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great band saw and Dewalt made a nice addition to their 20V lineup.  The saw is easy to work with and light enough to work overhead for extended periods of time. This is a great band saw and one any electrician would be proud to include in their lineup.


  1. I have this same saw. It’s a great tool for cutting conduit very quickly and cleanly.
    one step closer to being a cordless electrician 😛

  2. So I have been noticing a lot of burning on the wood every time I use my band saw. I have been expecting that it was time to get a new bandsaw blade but I am just a novice and didn’t know which thickness of blade to get. Now all I have to do is decide what sort of work I want to use the blade for and then I can produce better quality. Thank you for sharing!

    • maybe the blade needs replacing, or maybe you are using the wrong blade. Except for stand up handsaws I never use a band saw on wood. The throat is not large enough to make very deep cuts.
      Thickness of the blade as far as I know is all related to the length of the blade. Portables do not have a lot of choices for thickness of blades, number of teeth yes.


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