Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt Review

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt Review

We all know what it’s like in the dead of summer, working outside with the sun beating down on us.  What turns out to be an easy job is frustrating because you’re hot, sweating and uncomfortable because your shirt is sticking to your back and you feel you want to turn into the incredible hulk and rip the shirt off.  As much as we would like to rip off that shirt, we don’t because we don’t want our bosses calling the cops and putting us in the crazy house.  Here is the good news.  You now have a little relief.  While the job may still be tough, you won’t be bogged down with an uncomfortable shirt.  Take a look at our Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt Review.

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt Review – Overview

When Milwaukee first introduced their heated jacket, they hit the road hard coming out with a ton of jackets and shirts for the worker.  Now they have a new shirt available called the Workskin Performance shirt.  This shirt is designed for summer use and they offer two colors, Hi-Vis and Gray.  Each shirt can be bought in long or short sleeve versions in a range of sizes. So what makes these shirts so special?

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt Review

The shirts use Coolcore technology, which isn’t unique to Milwaukee.  Coolcore is an industry leader in fabric technology and wicking moisture away fabrics.  Coolcore deals with huge companies like Cabelas, Disney and more.  If you are into running and other activities, I am sure you have a polyester, polypropylene or another type of synthetic fabric shirt.  All these types of material use capillary action to help wick the sweat away and keep you dryer. Coolcore works because of capillary action.  There is a little more to it, but that is the main point and the technology Milwaukee teamed up with for the design of this shirt.

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt – Comfort

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt Review

Now it’s great to have a shirt that takes away the sweat, it doesn’t matter much if the shirt isn’t comfortable. For me, I think these shirts are extremely comfortable.  You still have the freedom to move around, which is a huge plus.  Sometimes when I am wearing a cotton shirt, I feel like I am fighting certain movements.  With the Workskin shirt, it moves with me, not against me.

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt – Performance

I tend to wear a lot of running shirts, in fact, that is all I wear.  For me, I just love the comfort.  I love not having sweat rolling down my back or the other looks you get with cotton.  I have to say the Milwaukee Workskin performance shirts are just nice.  While they are a little thicker than my running shirts, they work the same way.  Now I am glad they are thicker because they are designed for the job site.

The Milwaukee Workskin performance shirts do a great job keeping me dry and wicking the sweat away.  I love the idea that they have long sleeve shirts to help protect the worker from the sun.

I have been wearing these shirts for the past month (No not every day and yes I have been washing them).  Just by this use, I can already tell they are a much stronger design than what you might expect from a typical running shirt.  I don’t see any snagging or pulled out fabric like I see with a common running shirt.

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt – Price

I have to admit, I am a little stuck on the price tags.  At the time I wrote this article you can get the gray short sleeve workskin shirt for about $30.  The Hi-vis long sleeve is a little more expensive and you can pick that up for about $40.

Now I am not sure if I am just a cheap skate and used to buying shirts for $10 or this is on the pricey side.  I understand they have to make a profit and also have to pay for the Coolcore usage but either way, I have a hard time swallowing the price tag.

On the other hand, you are getting a quality shirt, that is extremely comfortable and does an awesome job keeping you comfortable.  So with that said, can you really put a price tag on how you feel throughout the day?

Milwaukee Workskin Performance Shirt – Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great addition to Milwaukee’s workwear line up.  Not only do they have a great line of jackets, but their shirt line is impressive and gaining some nice SKU’s for the worker.  If you are looking for a comfortable shirt that will last and keep you cool, the Milwaukee Workskin is the way to go.


  1. Have to say I long for the days of good old Cotton T-Shirts. Under Armor has just about ruined the T-Shirt model. Everybody comes out with these “moisture Wicking” T’s and I have a ton of them, but now I looks for cotton shirts. Nice review Eric

    • LOL, thanks for the feedback. I like cotton but always have a hard time moving around in them once they get all wet. Perfect for fall and winter times. You are right everyone is going to this new material. I guess it’s the in thing to do.


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