DeWALT DWV012 10 Gallon HEPA Dust Extractor with Automatic Filter Clean


Any vacuum will suck dust but before long the filter gets so clogged all your suction is lost.  The DWV012 has a two filter system that automatically cleans the HEPA filters giving you uninterrupted suction even in the most extreme situations.  It  makes a unique sound every 30 seconds when it cleans the filters.   Who hasn’t done some drywall work only to have their vacuum clog up.  Then you have to take it outside and bang the filter on the ground or use compressed air.  This creates massive dust flying everywhere and pretty much just creates havoc.

The 10 gallon vacuum has a 15 amp motor that has a variable suction feature to increase or decrease power and suction.  It can also be set to power up when you start a tool, just flip a switch and plug the tool into the vacuum.  Water lift is 81″ and the max CFM is 140.  Both the 1 1/4″ hose and power cord are 15′ long.  The hose uses a coupler-like locking system which positively locks the hose, basically it is not coming out until you twist open the coupler.  The cords wrap around the unit making it easy to maneuver around.  A cap is attached to the hose inlet of the unit if you want to remove the hose and contain liquid inside.  The hose is a quality hose with a kink free design.

Using the DWV012 with the DWS780 Miter saw worked out well, most of the dust was sucked up by the vacuum.  DeWALT includes a universal adapter that fits into most tool dust ports.  You can also pipe out an entire dust collection system in your shop and use the DWV012 as your central vac.   It is covered by Dewalt’s standard 3 year warranty.

The unit is very durable and has multiple tie down points for scaffolding or transport.   It has lockable caster front wheels and big rear weeks that make it a breeze to navigate any terrain.  The handle allows you to tilt the unit for transport and it also slides down for storage.  They may not have been the first with the Automatic Filter Cleaner, but they engineered it into a rugged, portable easy to transport machine.  This tool will increase productivity and save the Pro money by making less cleanup.  The DeWALT DWV012 is designed with the job site in mind and is an excellent choice for anyone who has dust extraction needs.




  1. did this vac perform differently between the sawdust/concrete dust? are those 2 types of dust going to effect shop vacs in general? AND throw in water…?? it can really handle all 3?


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