WARN PullzAll 24V Cordless Winch and Lifting Tool


Once you get a WARN Pullzall you will wonder what you ever did without one.  It is great for all kinds of situations.  From Fire Rescue on down to the property owner, you will love this product.  We got our PullzAll for our trailer project, instead of permanently mounting a winch on the trailer we got a D ring that connects right to the PullzAll.  For the casual user the Pullzall is the way to go.

It comes with NiMH batteries, before you get all pro Lithium-Ion remember this:  They give you two batteries and NiMH work better in cold temperatures.  Run time was actually good, we were able to lift a Kawasaki ATV up and down a few times and pulled a 1000 lb Kawasaki Mule 610 XC UTV up onto a trailer with ease.  The winch had plenty of power left.  The charge connector is the old school pin type, you have to be careful not to bend the pins and there is no battery fuel gauge.

The PullzAll operates like a big drill, a thumb selector below the trigger controls forward and reverse.  The variable speed trigger comes in really handy when precision is needed, you can feather it right into position.  The unit has a safety feature that when it pulls over 1,000 lbs, a red light comes on and the unit stops.  This prevents any over stress to the system and reduces the risk of injury to the user.  I would liked to have seen a freewheel option to get the spool out faster, but that would add to weight and cost.

15′ of cord was just a tad shy of our 16′ trailer so we just used a tow sling to extend it the 1′ or so.  If you start seeing red cable you know you have gone over the 15′ and need to stop to prevent the wire from reversing.  The winch does a good job of winding the cord to prevent bird nesting (tangles).  It takes a little over 1 minute to wind out or in the cord.  To say the 18 lb WARN PullzAll is versatile is an understatement, everyday I think of new uses for it.  You can just carry it with you in winter in case you ever get stuck, the possibilities are endless.  We showed it to the barge and lift guys who lift hundreds of piers and shore stations per year.  They loved it!  Everyone should have a WARN PullzAll.   Check out WARN.com





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