Milwaukee M18 Power Source 49-24-2371

Power Source with the M18 Compact Battery

Let me guess, you saw our video of the M12 heated jacket and thought to yourself, wow those guys are cool, I have to get one.  Then you go online and look around for the best deal.  It’s at that point you realize there is about a $50 difference from the bare jacket, to the one that includes a battery and a charger.  No big deal, you get the bare jacket and use your M18 batteries.  Oh wait, you can’t.  After all it is called the M12 heated jacket for a reason.  So then you think about it for a while longer and realize that even if you get the jacket with the charger and battery, you should still have one more battery for back up.  So now you have to fork out even more cash.

Well my friends, let me give you a simple solution to this crazy scenario.  We know it’s a crazy scenario because who doesn’t own at least one tool from the M12 line?  Anyways,  the simple solution is the M18 Power Source.  This is just one of many of the cool new releases in 2012 that Milwaukee has released.  Besides allowing a user to use their M18 batteries in their M12 jackets, there is also another cool little feature which we will touch on in a second.

The new Power Source is a very cool idea.  What it does is slide over either an M18 XC or compact battery and provide extra battery life.  A user can get 18 hours of run time with the XC battery or 10 hours of run time with the compact batteries in the heated jackets.  That is a long time.

Okay, the other cool feature the Power Source has is a built in USB connection.  This connection allows the user to charge their cellphone, digital camera, tablet or anything that can be charged using a USB connection.  This is a very cool feature.  Currently, I have an older iPhone 3GS.  My battery lasts about 5 hours when I am not using the phone.  I am currently at a job where I am outside at someones house doing siding.  We have one outlet on the outside which is pretty much always hooked up to the table saw, miter saw and compressor.  I can use the outlet, but I know my phone will break if I leave it in that area.  I can’t leave it in the truck because my connection does not work in the truck unless the ignition is on.  So I am pretty much out of luck and always left with a dead battery.  Well this little Power Source is perfect for me.  I can still leave my phone in the truck, but now I can leave it charging during the day.  This way I always have a charged phone.

We found this Power Source online from $15 to $30.  For the small investment, it is well worth the cost.  You get longer run times with your heated jacket, plus you have a portable power supply to help keep your important electronics charged.  Very cool idea!





  1. I have had the 12v version for awhile and use it all the time. I think i will get this one because i have the 12v but its still pretty cool

  2. I got 4 heated jackets and two m18 adapters for my crew and myself. The m18 adapters usb ports quit workin on one in the first day of use the other lasted about two weeks. Both of them still run the jackets but no usb. Milwaukee usually has qualify stuff but the m18 power source is junk.


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