DeWALT DWE357 10 Amp Compact Reciprocating Saw – Review


The reciprocating saw has to be one of my favorite tools.  You can use a reciprocating saw for almost anything from cutting down trees to cutting though pipe.  It will cut anything including my work bench which Eric cut up in the video below.  Most reciprocating saws are of a D handle design with a few exceptions.  The DWE357 isn’t feature packed, it is designed to get into tight areas and can get 10 amps of power into the tightest of areas.

DeWALT has made the DWE357 a compact design that is only 14.5″  long and 6.8lbs.  It uses Dewalt’s 4 way blade system which gives you even more versatility.  Lifting up on the oversized lever releases the blade.   The shoe pivots but is not adjustable.  This saw will fit where most others won’t and is perfect for going between 16″ studs.  Plumbers and electricians are going to love this saw.  It fills the gap when your 12V isn’t powerful enough and a standard D handle saw won’t fit.  Eric had no problems cutting though my work bench and all the screws that held it together.   Sawing through 3/4 OSB I was impressed with the control of this tool.  The saw produces 2800 SPM and has a 1- 1/8″ stroke  which works well for most all applications.

The balance felt great and the trigger grip has some design cues from the 20V line.  The front boot of the tool also has a over molded rubber grip that is comfortable to hold.  Overall the DWE357 is great addition to DeWALT’s reciprocating saw line up and gives the contractor even more accessibility into tight areas.   It comes with a soft case and a 3 year warranty.  Check out




  1. The work bench prank video is by far the best!!!!!! Loool!!! That was great! We haven’t stopped laughing for the last hour.

  2. great review guys. this looks like an awsome tool. and it looks suspiciously like the WORX WT401K. it has a similar motor placement, so this design isnt completely new. but this still looks cool.

  3. Ha! nice to see some good ol’ pranks. Can’t be serious all the time right? anyway… cool tool, nice quick review


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