Worx 19″ Cordless Electric Mower WG789 – Review


Mowers come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they usually have in common is that they use gas.  Well times have changed and people want to see green products for their green lawns, well this one is orange lol.  But it is green to the environment, it uses no fossil fuels to mow your yard.  The mower is powered by a replaceable 36V battery and charges in 16hrs with the included charger.

It cuts  a 19″ wide path and can cut up to 18,500 Sq ft on one charge, that is four tennis courts.  There are 2 modes: quiet and turbo.  Quiet is for normal everyday cutting and turbo is for when you get into the thick heavy grass or mulcting leaves.  To our surprise the mower really went though some tall weeds as you can see in the video, without cutting out.  Obviously you wouldn’t use the mower in this way, but it was a good test.  Pushing the mower is effortless thanks to the Pacesetter system, just push the mower and it automatically moves with your pace.  The motors are very powerful and had no issues climbing hills or when the bag was full, etc.  Height adjustment is a snap, it just uses a lever, not like most mowers that you need to adjust each individual wheel.  It easily raises from 1.5″ – 3.5″.  with one pull.

The mower is the jack of all trades, it mulches, cuts and bags.  It comes with everything you need to do all 3.  The bag easily latched on to the unit and easily dumped.  It includes a safety key that you must depress before starting the mower.  Another feature that is cool is that you can propel the unit without the blades running so it is not cutting when moving.  The handle easily folds down and can be adjusted in 3 positions however we found this to be the only  weak link of the unit,  the handle would not stay in place and kept clicking out of position.  That being said it is still a good mower for someone who doesn’t want to mess with pull starting a mower and has the need for a push mower.  Check out WORX for more models



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