Dewalt DCS387 20V MAX COMPACT Reciprocating Saw


The DCS387 is basically a 20V cordless version of the DeWALT DWE357 compact reciprocating saw.  Instead of focusing on a 12V line DeWALT is bringing 20V power down to the size of a 12v.  Apparently this is working quite well. While Milwaukee’s 12V Fuel Hacksall got bigger the 20V DeWALT got smaller.  They are getting close in size and obviously 20V has more power.

The DCS387 weighs 5 lbs and is only 14.5″ long.  This means it can fit in tight areas like between studs.  A variable speed trigger produces 0-2900 spm with a 1-1/8″ stroke.  An LED light in the front of the tool does a decent job of lighting the work area.  To add even more functionality it has a 4 position blade clamp, this really helps in those tight situations. The only thing we didn’t like about this tool is the lack of an adjustable shoe although it does pivot.  Check it out via Amazon.



  1. Hi, guys–Did DeWalt explain why they didn’t incorporate an adjustable shoe? You’re right; if it doesn’t move in and out, you wear out the blade’s teeth in the same area each time, rather than over the full length. I have the full-length 20V model from several years ago; I suspect it also reduces vibration to have the adjustable shoe. This model seems to be short to make working in tight areas possible.

    Is this shoe removable, so that you could try an adjustable shoe to see if that would work? Or is the depth a set length, so that you can’t? There may have been a size issue, or some other less-obvious compromise made in its design so that the shoe would only work on this (shorter) model if it was non-adjustable. What does the corporate office say about it?


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