Karcher WV 50 PowerSqueegee


The WV 50 Powersqueegee is one of those tools that you don’t necessarily need but when you have it you appreciate it.  It does more than just help you clean windows, it can suck up spills and dry just about any surface.  The advantage to using it on windows is that generally it doesn’t leave streaks.  It sucks up all the liquid into a drain-able tank and is rechargeable.  Our unit came with a case, replaceable blades, a charger, sample of window cleaner, spray bottle and cleaning cloths.

Check out the Karcher WV 50 over at Amazon.


  1. Hi, Dan–Say, I read this summary and scrolled down for more info…and there wasn’t any to speak of. When I saw what looked like a link that would take me to YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCzM5zFwtos, it didn’t do anything when I clicked it (I know I can highlight it and click, which would take me there). In the past, you had the links and associated video here with the article about the tool or product; has that changed? You typically had the extended written comments here as well, describing your experience with the item, cost, likes and dislikes about it, etc. It sounds like a decent product, though (Karcher is big in the powered water blaster industry), so I was disappointed there wasn’t more here. Does this have to do with your available bandwidth to post videos, etc. on the site? Or are there certain product types that you won’t be doing a full article on? Thanks.

  2. Dan–Right after I posted the comment above, the screen cleared and the video was avilable to watch on your site. I watched it and suspect this is the complete posting, correct?

  3. Dan do you have to have a power tool for every task? I hate to say it, but I agree with Eric. For everyday tasks grab some paper & windex or cleaner of choice to wipe out spills/drips. What is the price point on this thing? Never mind I’ll continue to use elbow grease. Laters TIA


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