DeWALT DCL050 20V Max LED Hand Held Area Light – Daily Dose


Well the much anticipated DeWALT DCL050 area light arrived and I have to say the lighting power and runtime are quite impressive.  The light works off of the 20V MAX battery line up and has 2 light settings.  500 lumens on high and 250 lumens on low to save battery life.  Runtime is good and dependent on what battery pack you are using.  You will easily to be able to get an entire workday done on one charge with the 3.0 or 4.0 battery.

The unit pivots from 0-140 degrees to give you a range of light spread.  The 20V MAX style pistol grip is comfortable and the trigger controls the unit.  A 360 degree rotating hook allows you to hang it from pretty much anything.  There is also a plastic loop on the back to attach to.  The 3 LEDS are bright and well protected by an over molded lens cover. I really like this light, my only complaint would be the lack of a magnet to attach it to metal surfaces.  Get yours from the Power Tool Super Center.



  1. I want one. Where did you guys get from, our Tool Nut? Dan, when did you get into Polka music? I bet you play a mean accordian. LOL. Laters TIA

  2. i think its great but it cost a lot
    I’m wondering if its bright enough for my use
    i rather see a 11,000 lumen light, i use that more

  3. I have neodymium magnets glued to the bottom of batteries to hold bits, screws, etc, so that would work perfectly in conjunction with this light.


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