DeWALT DCK491L2 4 Piece 20V kit – Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 6


On July 4th 2015 someone will win the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway for the 6th time.  As you all know the giveaway keeps growing and more tools will be added.  In this bag we have a Rolair AB5 air compressor and an assortment of TEKTON hand tools that include a lifetime warranty.  DeWALT just added a 20v kit that includes a DCD985 hammer drill, a DCS381 reciprocating saw, a DCS393 Circular saw and a 20V 110 lumen light.

To enter engage us anywhere on our social networks. Good Luck

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  1. Although I am quite committed to Bosch’s 18v line, I have heard generally good things about Dewalt’s “20”v line as well. Great addition!

  2. This kit is nice, I built my own as there are some features on the circular saw and recip saw that were different than the bare tools, unless they changed this. But either way these are great tools and great addition

  3. I’ve been using my 20V brushless Dewalt guns since the first day i entered the world of carpentry & construction when I was 18 and they still outperform any gun it meets on a job site now 6 years later. I have built my entire tool arsenal around the 20V series and every tool has performed like a champ! This kit has every 20V tool that I DO NOT own, accept for their grease gun and bluetooth radio (I have no need for that fancy of a grease gun, and my bosch job site radio is a tough workhorse to replace) and would love to complete my collection with this awesome gear bag! Props to Dewalt for hooking You guys up to make someones 2015 start with a Bang!

  4. I am curious to see what all is in the tool bag give away in July. You guys always have a big variety which appeal to both contractors and the do it yourself guys. Keep up the good work.

  5. I wasn’t very happy with my first Dewalt cordless tools because of poor battery life. I will give them a second chance if they come my way.

  6. My 18v Makita is starting to take a dive… Had it for a while now and have used the hell outta it… Before I go buy this dewalt set I’ll take my chance in this drawing ????????

  7. What a nice little upgrade to my collection, never used a cordless circular saw. I kinda want to buy a sawzall to take down some palm tree leaves while its on sale but gonna tough it out till july 4th! And I missed placed my 1/4 in ratchet and need a new one but know once I buy one ill find it lol. Someday I will win more then a free fries or fountain drink!


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