Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station M18 & M12 – 48-59-1807


Come on are you really surprised we have another Milwaukee post?  As usual Milwaukee it putting out more and more products for the consumer to pick from.  With the large M18 and M12 line up they have, it’s only natural they have a charger that charges both M12 & m18.  Why carry around a bunch of charges when you can just carry around this bad boy?  So besides a space saver, what’s so cool about this charge?

First it will charge up to three batteries simultaneously.  Second, it charges each battery up to 40% faster.  Third, it has a pass through plug, so you don’t have to worry about loosing an outlet and the last item, it’s Milwaukee.  Do I need to say more?



  1. milwaukee charger be good like say using fuel circular saw hard ..or grinder slap 3 4amps to
    charge at same time …help alot with milwaukee 12 volt 18 volt charger have now and my 20
    volt 12 volt max dewalt that use milwaukee hard going to love this charger.
    going to purchase for using saw grinder and big sawall…amp eaters…coooooooool

  2. I have one , and just love it . I use a lot of M12 , but also have a heavy investment in M18 . It’s faster than the devil . The more I get into it , the more I have come to prefer team Red .


  3. I love the fact that this charges batteries faster than the normal charger and it can charge 3 batteries at a time. This is perfect for a small crew of guys, or someone that uses tools that draw a bunch of a power all day long. With this charger they should never have to take a battery recharge brake.


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