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Gas is great but has its downfalls, especially on equipment that is used seasonally.  It goes bad! When it goes bad, it gums up your engine requiring you to take it to a shop to have the carburetor cleaned.  Gas from a gas station can start deteriorating in as little as 30 days.  On top of that they add ethanol to the mix which is like instant death for small engine fuel systems.

TruFuel is exactly that, a True Fuel.  It is 92 octane, doesn’t contain any ethanol and has synthetic lubricants that have been added to keep it fresh for up to 2 years. Unopened it has a 5 year shelf life which makes it good for doomsday preppers also. Another great feature is that TruFuel comes pre-mixed.  You can get either a 40:1 or 50:1 ratio for all your equipment needs,  it also comes straight with no pre-mix for your 4 stroke engines.

Trufuel is going to take the guesswork out of mixing oil and will prevent most fuel system related problems.  Outdoor power equipment manufacturers all say most of their equipment gets returned due to bad gas.  Recently Eric sent me a picture of TruFuel that they have on the fire engine for their rescue saw.  I asked him why they use TruFuel and he said because when you are saving lives the equipment has to work perfect.  TruFuel helps them achieve that.

Whenever we get a gas-powered tool to demo, we put TruFuel in it to make sure we are getting the best possible power for our tests.  I like to have a few cans of TruFuel on hand at all times.

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  1. It would be nice if they sold it it gallon sizes. I would even run it in things like my lawnmower and snow blower if they did that. The little cans would add up quick. I do like the idea though ethanol is so bad for anything carbed

  2. The guys at Sears really tried to get me to buy some of these when I bought my gramps a weedeater from them but I thought they were kinda gimmicky

  3. Dan it’s that time of year & I’m always looking for things like this to make my mower & blower run smoother. I’ll give these a try. Anything to take the guess work out of anything is a big plus. After a day in the sun & finishing timely is a big plus & having a cold coke or diet in your case would be awesome. Cheers Dan! Laters TIA

  4. Used it for a few years now. Love it. Easy, doesn’t go bad, premixed. I don’t go thru much so the price isn’t a issue for me. Another big plus for me is when traveling with it, it won’t spill! No silly gas cans when you only might need 1 fill up.

  5. I’ve been using this for a couple years. All my seasonal engine troubles stopped once I started using it. Stabil or Startron doesn’t compare. This is better. I use it in my smaller snowblower (2 cycle), weed wacker, and 5hp boat engine. They never have carb issues anymore and start right up every time. If it was cheaper, I would put it in my mower too. Just too darn expensive for things that use alot of gas.

  6. nice review good advice about not using ethanol in 2 strokes and 4 strokes..lucky have one
    gas station near me sells non ethanol 91 octane premium. go there for 5 gallons for lawnmower
    add 2 ounces of sta-bil. 3 gallons for weedeater add stihl ultra oil. weed eater 6 years old.
    runs perfect..starts everytime..craftstman lawnmower 8 years old runs perfect..oil change
    begining of season and at end of season…also use for mulching lawn leaves.can fuel
    notice at local westlake hardware sells stihl can fuel .tru fuel haven,t seen in my area
    look for it at local home depot when im there ,try a can.think can stuff good idea ,even
    if cost more, don,t have local non ethanol gas station around.also notice my trucks gets
    4 to 5 miles per gallon better gas mileage running non corn gas…stiil end up using local
    gas station unstead driving 9 miles to get non corn gas..think my town uses 10 % ethanol
    wonder what goverment next vegetable going add to fuel.told by stihl mechanic long ago
    never use ethanol in weedeaters. happy lawn season…be sure change that lawn mower
    oil least once a year..check air filter. fuel filter, primer bulb troubel safe.

  7. trufuel would be great for a homeowner that just doesn’t want to mix fuel or not that adept at mixing things all together, but price it per quart and figure out what you’re paying for a gallon of fuel,, I run a lawn service and go through about a gallon of 50:1 mix and 11 gallons of straight fuel a day… my customers would not like me very much if I had to pass on the price to them… I just can’t see paying almost $30.00 per gallon

  8. I have just learned about trufuel 50 too 1 mix for lawn care equipment will it be ok too stop using the old mix that mix with gas and start using trufuel right away mind you this equipment is anywhere from one year old too the oldest of fifteen years and all my equipment has never had any major problems Leary about making this change what’s your suggestion I have heard great things about trufuel thanks the lawn dcc


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