Dewalt Cordless Sander Review

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

There are very few tools I use as much as my random orbital sander. I remember purchasing my corded DeWalt years ago and if there is one tool in my shop that has never let me down that was it. Sanders have advanced since that purchase, but I never really felt the need to replace it, as it just simply never let me down. When DeWalt announced the new Cordless Random Orbital Sander would be launching in late 2018, I was eager to see if it could possibly reach the pedestal of which my corded version stood. Spoiler alert folks, it did. Let’s get all the details in the DeWalt Cordless Sander Review and see what I love so much about it.

Dewalt Cordless Sander Review Overview

There are a handful of different handheld sanders available on the market today. From basic palm sanders to belt sanders like this Belt Sander from Ridgid, to specialty sanders from brands like Festool. There is a sander option no matter what your budget and needs are. One you may be more intrigued by is the random orbital sander. The ROS possesses a few key advantages simply by design. Much like applying and removing the wax on the car, a random orbital sander smooths surfaces my randomly orbiting and vibrating for supreme results with minimal effort.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

With good reason, it ranks right up there with a top tool any beginner will want as much as any professional will need. If you are a woodworker, you know a good sander is worth the investment. For me, I will never forget the first time I used a quality sander. Outside of a saw, it was one of my early major purchases when I started building furniture. I had owned a few lower end models prior but this was one of those purchases I finally didn’t want to skrimp on. And let me tell you, my sanding world was changed.

My beloved original DeWalt Random Orbital Sander (model DWE6421) had no bells and whistles, instead, it is a very basic model that only possessed a single on/off switch to control it. This was never a bad thing, as this Sander has seen years of use, all of which it performed flawlessly for. This new model from DeWalt has certainly upped my standards and become my new favorite sander.

Dewalt Cordless Sander Review Features

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The DeWalt Cordless Sander comes in at 1.9 pounds bare tool and features a brushless motor for ideal runtime and efficiency.  This sander runs on DeWalts 20V battery line.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The power switch is dust sealed to provide longer life by preventing exposure to dust.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The 5-inch sanding surface features an 8-hole hook and loop replaceable sanding pad. This allows for better dust pick up and extending the life of your sandpaper.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

Variable speed dial provides 7 different speed options to provide an oscillation per minute range from 8000 to 12000.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The dust bag features a one-handed locking mechanism for easy and secure attachment.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The dust bag can be removed and the sander can be connected directly to compatible some DeWalt vacuums for improved dust removal. Additionally, a connector is sold separately for universal attachment to 1-1/4 inch vacuum hoses.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The rubber overmold improves comfort and grip, while the low profile design allows for better precision of sanding surfaces.

Dewalt Cordless Sander Review Performance

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen me talk about the table I have been working on. I have my faithful old DeWalt corded sander that I have kept out thinking there was no possible way I would get the kind of performance or run time out of this sander that I needed. Well, as has been the case as of late when it comes to my unbelievable resistance to battery powered tools, I was wrong. I think this may have finally been the tool to break through that mental barrier because it really did perform that well.

On a 5.0 Ah battery, I was able to get an insane amount of runtime out of this sander. Even on the highest speed, I finally gave up the ghost at about 45 mins with one bar left. That is truly amazing because it is rare that you would really sand for hours straight with no breaks in between.

The comfort of this sander was remarkable as well. Often times my hesitation with sanders comes down to overall comfort with the persistent vibrations. This model though was very minimal, even on a high setting. There is no doubt that this sander is the most comfortable sander I’ve used to date.

DeWalt Cordless Sander Review

The dust collection is okay with the dust bag. It is better than other sanders I have used, but I am eager for the day that this improves even more. You can see the dust is powder fine, which is the worst to keep cleaned up, but it was fairly well controlled. When attached to a vacuum, it is a huge jump in effectiveness. I have a DeWalt vacuum that is not compatible, however, I own several universal connectors for switching from ports of different sizes and it works well.

I use sanders very frequently in my shop. From Belt Sanders to Palm Sanders and even specialty sanding attachments on tools like the Dremel Multi-Max, they all see a lot of use in my shop. For a sander to impress me the way this one has is pretty hard. I think of all the tools I review, I am the hardest on Sanders, but this one is hard to find any flaws on.

Dewalt Cordless Sander Review Value

This model from DeWalt, DCW210B, is available for $119.00 bare tool from The Home Depot. This tool is an investment, yes. One I think is a no-brainer to make. I have a special someone in mind that I will be purchasing this sander for. My former corded sander ran about sixty dollars, while the variable speed cordless runs about $69.00. As well, when comparing this model to other cordless sanders on the market, DeWalt is priced competitively.

Dewalt Cordless Sander Review Final Thoughts 

I mentioned that it takes a lot to impress me with a sander. I use them so often that I often it takes a lot to really stand out in the mix. DeWalt launched a few tools this year designed with the woodworker in mind and I have to say they’ve blown me away. Just like the Cordless Jigsaw, this Cordless Sander stands out in terms of pure performance, rugged construction and powerful features. It looks like team yellow is out to win it this year, and this Cordless Random Orbital Sander is no different. For those eagerly awaiting all things new from the Power Tool giant, DeWalt, this launch is an exciting one.

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dewalt-cordless-sander-reviewDeWalt has seen a big year in terms of launches, from the start of 2018 until now as we start to look towards 2019, DeWalt has brought some great new tools to the market. As someone who uses sanders daily, I am always a little skeptical. This model won me over for its ability to serve versatile applications with its multiple speed settings, as well as its overall comfort. The new Cordless Sander is a first for DeWalt, and with good reason, it is my new favorite sander.


    • I totally understand that, Russ! You’d think I would get a bit burnt out on tools since I talk about them daily, but not so far! This is definitely one of their new tools to check out!

  1. I have have used the Ryobi cordless sander for a long time and have been thoroughly satisfied with it. Is there anything other than the variable speed that sets this one apart considering that it is nearly triple the price.

    • There are a few differences, the brushless motor is one key difference as it provides better runtime and allows for extended use. As well, the variable speed you mentioned. I haven’t personally owned the Ryobi Cordless Sander so I can’t give a direct comparison. Often times when selecting a brand it comes down to your personal use, I use sanders a lot so I tend to stick with professional brands, but Ryobi makes amazing tools too that have a lot of value added.

      • For cordless tools, most people I have seen tend to stick to one or two brands to reduce the amount of batteries needed. I use Ryobi and Makita tools since I have an adapter that allows me to power the Ryobi tools with Makita batteries. Makita, like Dewalt, Milwaukee et. al are great professional tools, but most of my tools are Ryobi because they are much cheaper (and unfortunately price is a major concern for me) and more often than not will get the job done. When I bought an RO sander I was deciding between the Ryobi and Makita. I ended up with the Ryobi because I was able to get 3 different sanders (RO, 1/4 sheet and finish), 1 battery and a charger for the same price as the Makita bare tool. I am only a hobbyist so longevity is less of a concern for me.

      • That totally makes sense! Ryobi makes excellent tools, so does Makita! You make great points, which is what I often say in reviews that so much of the value of a tool comes from the application. I think for sure, if what you have is working for you, then you’re in a good position. You made good choices in selecting battery lines from both sides of the tool spectrum, so you should be able to get what you need in a tool for any application. Happy to answer any questions you have! Thank you for your feedback, Cheng!

  2. I bought the Dewalt Cordless sander, two new batteries, and a new two port charging stationf or refinishing a floor by hand, where i could control the amount of detail in the wood grain to achieve a distressed look.
    I’ve always shied away from battery powered tool and this is a prime example of why. Although the sander is very comfortable to use, the power and life with the batteries is pathetic The sander will operate very well for about five minutes, then slows down and usually completely dies after about 15 minutes, on special occasion one usage may run up to 30 minutes. I tried my old single charging port and batteries which i have been using and works well with my Dewalt cordless drill, but met with the same results. And yes i charged the batteries prior to use for 90 minutes, and did not leave them on to overcharge. This whole fiasco cost me a little over $350.00. For that amount, I could have purchased six corded sanders that were the same as what I was using. Unfortunately it was old, and could not handle the work load. Based on this, I’ll go back to my wisdom of cordless tools, and probably stay away from Dewalt which is more expensive and did not hold up to its name.

    • What size batteries do you have? The reviewer notes 45 minutes of run time for the 5 Ah capacity (or 9 minutes per Ah), so if you have the 2 Ah batteries a run time of 15-18 minutes seems reasonable.

      If you’re trying to sand an entire floor, I’m not sure why you would go out and buy a palm sander instead of just renting a floor buffer. Or if you were expecting to sand for hours on end, a corded sander would be much less of a headache. Using the right tool for the job is critical.

    • I know this is old, but dude.. you’re talking about refinishing a hardwood floor by hand with an orbital sander. You’re obviously not a professional and if you expected that much out of an orbital sander, you’re expectations are a little high my man. I sand floors every day. With a 220 volt sander. I would never ever try and refinish an entire floor with an orbital. That isn’t what they are made for.


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