Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

Wet/Dry Vacuums are your best friend whether at home or on a job site. With so many uses for this shop staple, its always exciting to see a new line launched, especially by none other than Dewalt. So how do these vacuums measure up with real use? Let’s find out in the Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review Overview

As homeowners, we get hit with unexpected crises all the time, like toilets overflowing or the massive glitter mess your kids made and of course detailing your vehicle. If you have a home shop though, these vacuums become an excellent way to collect dust and keep your shop or garage clean without a ton of hassle, or without breaking the bank.

Professionals use shop vacs for all kinds of things too, especially if you’re working in someones home, keeping your work area clean is paramount to a smooth job and makes the work environment safer to work in. So, needless to say, a good wet/dry vacuum is a tool everyone can use.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review Features

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

First things first, this model has a ten-gallon capacity and runs with a 5HP peak single stage motor. The ten-foot power cords allow for extended reach, but if more is needed a standard extension cord will increase the capacity.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

The washable filter makes maintaining suction on this unit relatively simple. A vacuum bag that can be easily attached to the inside of the unit is also included for easy cleanup.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

The built-in drain port allows easy emptying of liquids easy and efficient.

The 1 7/8-inch hose measures in at 7-feet long, providing an ideal amount of reach and suction for a unit of this size.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

The heavy-duty handle makes portability simple by remaining comfortable to grip and carry. As well the power switch is large and is water resistant, something important for a unit like this.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

The Dewalt vacuum rests on casters that are smooth and allow the vacuum to be maneuvered easily.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

There is a carrying case on the back of the motor to house the accessories.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

The accessory strap is a nice touch to keep the hose or cord attached to the unit.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review

Included accessories are two extension wands, utility nozzle, floor nozzle, and a crevice tool.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review Performance

I have a Wet/Dry vacuum from a competitor, same specs except for the hose size. This Dewalt model blows it out of the water. I wish I could say it was even a close comparison, but it just wasn’t in the same universe as this one. The suction was very powerful, and whether dust, the mixed media on my floorboards, sand, and water, it never had a single hiccup. A few things I really liked about this model was the way the accessories are stored, not all will agree but I usually end up losing attachments or struggling to get them locked into built-in slots. The simple bag design works well and being detachable is a plus for some.

I also liked the casters, they were exponentially better than most included on similar models. Part of what sets them apart a bit is that they were attached using a single screw on each caster. This is significant as often they are snapped in or simply just inserted and don’t provide enough stability for rugged use. The handle was strong and was easy to control by it. The hose size allowed better suction and didn’t clog as easily as the common 1 1/4-inch hoses.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review Value

This Model, the DXV10S can be purchased at The Home Depot for $139.00. Are there less expensive options? yes, absolutely. To me though, I think this is warranted for the quality and performance. I’ve gone through multiple Wet/Dry Vacuums from other manufacturers and within months they seem to drastically reduce in their ability to perform. Within a year, I’ve likely replaced it. To me, if this one holds up more than that time, and the suction stays as strong as it has in the last month I’ve owned it, it would be a no-brainer to purchase this model.

Dewalt Stainless Steel Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

Dewalt launches a slew of Vacuum options for users of all kinds. This model exceeded my expectations and hasn’t let me down yet. The vacuum has incredible suction and it’s user-friendly design allows for simple maneuvering and use. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, don’t pass over their new line. Dewalt is sure to have a model to suit your needs.



  1. The features are great. I love the overall low noise level of this vacuum, it is easy on the ears. The well thought out features for me include the removable parts storage bin, the option for a paper filter bag, and the heavy duty rubber tie down for hose storage.

    The features that are not so great are the casters and the hose/wand connector. The casters, which while sturdy, won’t roll over the electric cord, which means when vacuuming my work area, I often have to pick the vacuum up to clear it over the cord, or move the cord. It would be great if the wheels would roll over the cord.
    The second improvement which is just slightly more annoying, is that the hose wand connection does not swivel, the swivel connection is at the vacuum, which means that the entire hose must swivel if the wand changes rotation while vacuuming. The easy fix would be to have both ends swivel, which would an equally thoughtful design idea to add to all the other great ideas already incorporated into this exceptional shop vac. At the very least, place the swivel at the wand end, but that simply matches other designs.

    I would definitely recommend this vacuum just for the quiet operation and great suction. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
    I bought mine at Costco.

  2. I bought my shop vac from a Wal-Mart. Here’s a lil product info- It’s a 3 gallon one. It’s not a Devault one at $139.00 +. It’s a Stealth one at $39.00 +. DEPT 00011. PO 251886979. ITEM 586297596. Nowhere on the box or instructions does it show where & when & how to use the dust bag. I’ll call the number to talk to customer service tomorrow during business hrs. It’s 10:30 pm now here.


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