CRKT M16-14SF Big Dog Aluminum Tanto Blade


What can I say about this knife you probably haven’t already heard.  This is a quality knife.  The knife opens smoothly, feels nice in your hands and is just an all around great knife.  I like the double locking feature of the knife, but it might not be your first choice for EDC, but again not sure if it is really designed for that.  This is more of a knife that is built to take abuse.  Once you get the concept of closing the knife, you can close it with one hand which might make it an EDC choice.

The knife does have some weight to it which makes it feel solid.  The smooth opening of the knife and when the knife locks into positions, it just sounds tough. Once you hear the knife fully engage, you will pretty much grab anyone’s attention in your area.

What We Like

  • Solid
  • Opens nice
  • Feels good in your hands – Nice Balance
  • Quality blade

What We Don’t Like

  • No instructions for Dan on how to use a knife


Specifications of the M16

Open Overall Length 9.25 inches
Closed Length 5.375 inches
Weight 5.7 ounces
Length 3.99 inches
Thickness 0.14 inches
Material AUS 8
Blade-HRC 58-59
Finish Titanium Nitride
Grind Hollow
Style Tanto
Edge Triple-Point Serrations

Material Aluminum
Liner 420J2

Type Locking Liner
Safety System AutoLAWKS

Carry System 4 Position Clip

Flipper Yes
Patent U.S. Patents 5,596,808 7,437,822


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  1. This looks like a nice solid piece of steel. A bit on the ugly side & the serrations make it look even meaner. This is a tactical knife & if I carry a tactical knife for edc I like deep pocket carry. I really don’t want to show it, because it causes stares & people are aware that you are carry a knife. That may not be a big deal to all, but I feel that it scares people. Oh! Look at that big man with a knife.

    Also, another dislike besides no instructions for Dan. Well, in my humble opinion. I really dislike serrations on a blade. They are hard to maintain & gives you less of a cutting surface. I already mentioned the deep pocket carry clip. Do you like the tanto blade? I find them cool looking, but I have never owned one. Not sure why, mostly because of the sharpening it.

    The TIA community should start a collection to get Dan some Kevlar gloves to protect his hand from knives. I got a few bucks on it. Laters TIA

  2. I saw this knife at the Wisconsin Deer & Turkey show this past weekend and I have to say, it is a nice knife. I’m still partial to the Kerahaw knives but i still thought it was a good knife for an everyday carry.


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