Craftsman Nextec – Best of the Day NHS 2011


Our favorite manufacturer of the day was Craftsman. The new Nextec is awesome and will give everyone else out there a run for their money. They already have some cool 12v tools on the market, but the items coming down the line are exciting. The battery and charger are the driving force behind this line. The 12v batteries are 2.6 Ah and only cost $25. The charger is really cool as it will give the batteries a 25% charge in 3 minutes, yes 3 minutes. How many times have you all most been done with a job and the batteries die. What do you do, besides swear? Well now You can just pop the batteries on the charger, press a button. By the time you grab a drink, your ready to finish the job. If you forget about the three minutes, the charger is smart enough to finish charging the battery as a normal charger, which takes 30 minutes to get a full charge.

I am sure by now you have used the auto hammer or at least heard of this cool tool. Craftsman is coming out with the next generation where the head pivots to zero degrees, 90 degrees and 45 degrees which makes it perfect for getting into any tight spots.

They have a compressor, vacuum, rotary tool and more for this line which are all cool. An example is the compressor, which puts out 200 psi. You can select what PSI you want within and the unit will stop there making it brainless to operate.

When we get back, we will get more into this line as it’s very exciting.  We have some great videos, but the internet in the hotel room is so slow, we cannot upload it.









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