NHS 2011 News


Between the booze and gambling in Sin City we still found some time to actually see a tool show. Here are some notable items we came across: (sorry for the sideways pics we are limited on what we can do on the road)

Johnson Level was there and to our surprise had a new product called the Stud Squared Power Tape. It is a 3 in one tool that allows you to measure, mark and square, its simple and fast. http://www.johnsonlevel.com

Coleman is getting into the tool market with a new line of power tools and also this unique pressure washer with detachable bucket.

SAS safety products was showing off some neat products we really liked the safety glasses shown above, they have a bi-focal feature and adjustable LED lights read more at http://www.sassafety.com

The SawTrax self adjusting panel cart that allows you to transport plywood, drywall etc. Across any terrain, this product has a not been released yet.

The Cordless Drill Nail Puller pulls nails with ease you can view the video on their website. http://www.cordlessdrillnailpuller.com

We like this product a lot, Its the strap and go ladder strap it allows you to carry a ladder with ease around any job site.

Alden Grabit was there with the Micro Grabits. these look great for smaller screw removal ie: electronics, glasses etc….

This is a quality innovative level its called the Mosely Infinity level, we will try to get a video on this soon it locks with other levels in the line, its great for tiling, door frames, cabinets and windows. infinitylevel.com

The gorilla grip is AWESOME! it allows you to carry plywood with ease they also have a new product called the legup that allows you to place plywood on your saw table with ease. Check it out at http://www.gorillagripper.com

Gladiator by Whirlpool showed off its new products we got a hands on and must say its packed with features such as adjustable legs, bamboo tops and a diamond plate looking fridge! http://www.gladiatorgarageworks.com great stuff we hope to review it soon.

Dorcy was there showing off its new line of LED lights with powerful CREE LEDS, The spot light was amazing, it was bright and had a long run time of 2.5 hours. I want one! http://www.dorcy.com

Estwing was showing off their new leather handled hammers. http://www.estwing.com

Black and Decker had some new cleaning up tools, we really liked the dustpan that you can easy hold in place with your foot.

The Timberline chainsaw sharpener will allow anyone to sharpen their chains with ease. https://www.timberlinesharpener.com

The Boss Brush was unique as it can clip into place on the side of a paint can.

The SnowBear Transformer trailer is AWESOME! It folds up for storage, closes, can be padlocked to secure all your tools and lays flat for towing loads. Check it out at http://www.snowbear.com

Snap-on had some innovative products at the show including a flooring system, Vacuums, A truck tool box, gloves, knives, power strip and an innovative workshop light/heater.

When is the last time you were excited about a stapler? The Triggerfire got us excited,  it has a firing trigger that is preloaded by the handle at the top, so you can get into tight spaces and with the pul of a trigger lay your staples. http://www.surebonder.com

More to come soon..



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