2011 National Hardware Show – Wrap Up Part 1


Well the show is over and we learned some things, the number one being don’t gamble in Vegas. We saw a lot of new and innovative tools from a variety of manufactures some that you know and some that you don’t. We learned that iPads are useless for live posting and that the hotel Internet in Vegas sucks! Here is a quick run down on what we liked:

Johnson Level –

Johnson released a few new items including the Stud Square an ingenious measuring tape that is the exact size of a 2×4 eliminating the need for a speed square. They also had their new Bamboo level on hand, it was one of the best levels quality wise. We hope to be reviewing these tools soon, apart from those 2 tools they also had the best swag at the show giving away Johnson key chain levels and they also had the most beautiful tool girl at the show. www.JohnsonLevel.com

General Tool and Instrument –

General had 18 new releases at the show, it was an exciting booth if your into gadgets. Most notable were the new inspection cameras, they come in a variety of flavors and prices and options that will blow your mind. One has a side image camera along with the tip camera and can be rotated from the base of the gun. They also showed off a bunch of new lighted tools including a lighted pick up tool, now why didn’t I think of that! We really liked the precision engraver, General had a great booth and product line we hope to be reviewing them soon. GeneralTools.com

Century Drill and Tool –

We love tools that save time because saving time equals saved money, along with the Johnson Stud Square Century is releasing a a tape that alows you to make accurate straight marks and has protractor like features allowing you to create perfect arcs. The also had a power drill adapter that turns your drill into an oscillating tool of sorts We will have a review on this new innovative tape measure soon. Centurydrill.com


Gen-Tran –

A generator that does not use fossil fuel? Yes, that right! We decided to spotlight Gen-Tran because they believe in green energy. They have a variety of products from transfer switches, solar chargers and even a solar generator. The green solar charger really caught our eye and when we were delayed at the airport for 5 hours and our phones died we were really wishing we had one. Gen-Tran.com

SnowBear Trailers –

This unique trailer transforms and allows you to fold up and lock your tools inside the trailer, it also folds up for storage. It holds around 1000 lbs , We have used SnowBear trailers before and were impressed with the quality of the entire unit. We hope to review this soon.

Rockwell Tools –

We all know Rockwell they have some great tools and who hasn’t seen the Blade Runner or Jaw Stand infomercial. Well much to our surprise we got a sneak peek at the new 12V RK2516 Trans4mer saw, its like a jig saw with a pivoting head powered by a 12V lithium ion battery.

We cant wait to get our hands on the 4 amp Versacut ac powered Mini Circular Saw with Laser

And last but not the least they have a new JawHorse that can hold a 4×8 sheet of material.

ACDelco –

Well who would have known that ACDelco had some amazing mechanics tools up their sleeves. In the auto world its all about precise torque measurements and ACDDelco understands this that’s why that have release a host of digital torque tools like an 18V lithium Ion ratchet that allows you to adjust the torque via a panel at the bottom of the tool and another one that attaches to a ratchet. Also one thing that we noticed was the light that uses the 12v battery pack also uses an insert to allow you to use alkaline AA batteries. They also had an inspection camera on hand that we hope to review soon.

We will have more posts about the show this week.


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