Craftsman AssureLink Internet Connected DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Status - Closed

Wow, what a world we live in.  Not only do we have personal communicators like they did in Star Trek, but we now have the ability to open our garage doors with our phones.  The Craftsman AssureLink™ Internet Connected DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with DieHard® Battery Backup is one of the most advanced garage door openers on the market.

Manufacturer – Craftsman Model – Sears Item# 00903043000 | Model# 3043 AssureLink™ Internet Connected DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with DieHard® Battery Backup

If you do not already have an opener installed we recommend that you have a professional install a new opener.  That way if it ever  comes crashing down you have someone to blame!  If you already have an existing opener installed, it is a snap to install the Assurelink.  The unit comes with everything you need, 2 remotes, a keypad, 2 sensors, Assurelink gateway and all the rails and hardware to get it going.  You can purchase extra rails for longer doors.  It is equivalent to a 3/4 hp opener in power.

Install was a snap, even hooking up the Assurelink gateway was simple.  Just plug and play!  The unit includes a battery, so when your power goes out you still have access to your garage and the light for up to 20 cycles.  The wall switch is not your normal lighted button. It is a control pad with a built in backlit LCD that displays time, temperature, battery status ,even the ability to program a remote and time to close settings.  The temperature seemed to be about 5 degrees off.  It also has a motion sensor that turns on the light if someone is in the garage, I like this feature as I often go into the refrigerator in my garage at night.  You can also turn the light on and off manually and like most modern garage door openers the sensors turn on the light.

The Assurelink connectivity worked well from the iPhone App that we downloaded.  It gives you status of the door and how long it has been in the open or closed position.  You need to plug the included Assurelink gateway into your router then sign up at Craftsman.  Walk out to your garage, open the app and hit a button on the door opener.  That’s it, it works!  Every time you use the app you need to sign in for security purposes, so it is not as easy to use when you’re pulling up to the house as a normal opener.  It was designed for peace of mind, to check on your door status and let people into your house when your not home.  After the first year the service costs $19.99 per year.  If anyone is in the garage when the door remotely closes the lights flash and an audible beep is heard. The door in operation is smooth and quiet, the motor slows during the last foot or so to provide a softer close.  It really is amazing how quiet this opener is.  With the absence of my old noisy chain drive, I can now hear every squeaky wheel on my door.  The system is compatible with HomeLink and unfortunately my truck has Car2U which is crap,  I wish I had HomeLink.

Overall this is a good garage door opener, it is essentially the same unit as the Chamberlain Whisper Drive 3/4 HPS Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology and Battery Backup WD962KEV.  Apart from the difference in appearance the Chamberlain is a little cheaper and has lifetime motor and belt warranty.


  • 10-year motor warranty
  • 3-year parts warranty





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