QuickCable Rescue 1060 Portable Power Pack – Power When You Need It


We wrote about the Quickcable Rescue 1800 jump pack last year and admired it as a workhorse jump pack.  Recently we got to check out the 1060 Portable Power Pack which besides being a jump pack has an inverter and an air compressor.  The extra features on this product open up a whole new world of applications.  For campers it is a life saver to charge your devices, illuminate your camp site and even jump start your RV after your kids left the radio on all night.  ATV/UTV trail riding, boaters, the list goes on.  Even to regular home owners the Rescue 1060 can be a life saver.  With spring comes storms and that means power outages, sometimes for days.  The Rescue 1060 can keep your radios, phones and basic devices going until power is restored


Lets talk about some of the features of the Rescue 1060 –

Inverter –

An inverter is a great feature to have, it allows you to power 120v/12v devices like a 18V power tool charger, a radio or even your cell phone.  There are 2 120V plugs that give you 300 watts of power on an easy to replace 30 Amp fuse.  There is also a standard USB port for charging your electronic devices.  The 20 Amp hour battery will last for a while depending on what you have plugged into it.  It even has a DC power source for all your cigarette lighter powered devices.

Air Compressor – 

Compressed air anytime and anywhere.  This is a blessing on those long ATV trails, especially if you air down for rocky terrain.  The compressor includes a PSI gauge and the hose is located on the back of the unit behind plastic door, air tips are also located on the door.  Our door had a hard time staying shut and popped open frequently.

Jump Starter – 

Obviously the 1060 can jump start any 12V vehicle with it’s 55″ cables, but what is really cool is that the camps light up.  Both the positive and the negative clamp have a bright white LED so your can see what you are clamping to.  We love this feature!  A safeguard audible signal & light warns of reversed connections.

Work light –

On the front of the unit is a dual purpose light that stays on for a work light or can be switched to flash for a warning light.  The yellow light is not the brightest. However yellow has it advantages, you can see it better in foggy conditions and generally yellow lights keep insects away.

The top of the unit also houses the Battery status gauge.  We were able to charge a DeWALT XRP 18V battery from the pack and still have tons of juice left.  The unit weighs in at just under 22 lb and has a one year warranty.  Overall I would highly recommend the Rescue 1060.  It is the most innovative and useful jump pack I have ever used.  The inverter and and compressor features are great the only thing I didn’t like is that the compressor hose door does not stay closed well.  Check out QuickCable.com



  1. We have a Quickcable Rescue 1800 jump pack and I must say its one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased we use it for charging batteries mainly but have used it to jumpstart cars on numerous occasions I beleive this is a must have for anyone.

  2. i HAVE ONE similular to that but it doesn’t have the lights on the end of the cable, thats an excellent
    addition. Mine in behind the sat in my truck, guess i better get it out and charge it, been sitting three
    for six months havn’t needed to use it yet.

  3. We use the Rescue 950 & 1060 units on our auction sale lot to start cars as well as equipping them on our service vans when picking up cars at the various auto dealerships. They perform the job for us and with the lightweight features of these units can be used by all the drivers, both male and female

  4. Mr. Powers,
    A 30 watt solar panel should be able to recharge the battery pack in one day if the BP1060 is 50% discharged. There are many on the market, but make sure and get one with a charge controller.

    Best of wishes,

    Karl Knopf

  5. This is a great system UNTIL you have to change the battery and then it HORRIBLE…There is no tutorial anywhere. I had to cut the case with a Dremel tool just to change the battery its not worth the hassell


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