Comparing Women’s Work Boots from Georgia Boot

Comparing Women's Work Boots from Georgia Boot

We have talked a lot about men’s work boots lately. But today the girls take the reins to talk about women’s work boots. Recently, my coworker Cyndi and I received two completely different styles of women’s work boots from Georgia Boot. Mine are a more traditional but hybrid hiker/work style and Cyndi’s are a flashy cowgirl-style pull-on work boot. We decided to go toe-to-toe to figure out which is the best work boot for women in skilled trade professions.

Women’s Work Boots Guide

About Georgia Boot

Started in 1937, Georgia Boot has gained the reputation of creating “America’s Hardest Working Boot” with supportive boots and footwear that provide comfort even after you’ve punched out for the day. Georgia Boots has close to 50 footwear options for women and the styles range from everyday casual to specialty work boots, and offers additional footwear supplies as well.

You can browse their selection or learn more about Georgia Boot on the Rocky Brands site.

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G.B. Women’s Eagle Trail Work Boot

Comparing Women's Work Boots: Eagle Trail

  • Product Name: Georgia Boot Eagle Trail Women’s Alloy Toe Waterproof Hiker
  • Model #: GB00556
  • Highlights & Features: Hiking/work boot hybrid. Features an alloy toe, meets ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard, and a protective anti-slip Carbo-Tec rubber outsole. Comfort comes from wide fiberglass support shank, padded collar and tongue, Ergo-Fit safety toe, and mesh lining that also provides breathable waterproofing.
  • Fit: Runs large. Recommend ordering at least a half size down.
  • Available Sizes: Women’s size 6-11.
  • Additional Styles: Light brown (no alloy toe).
  • Price: $160-$170.
  • Where to Buy: Georgia Boot site or Georgia Boot Amazon Store.

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G.B. Women’s Pull-on Work Boot

Comparing Women's Work Boots: Pull-On Carbo-Tec LT Boot

  • Product Name: Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT Women’s Waterproof Pull-on Boot
  • Model #: GB00395
  • Highlights & Features: Comfortable soft toe work boot that pulls on with ease thanks to leather pull straps, back zipper, and overall construction. Made with a supportive fiberglass shank, meets ASTM F2892 electrical hazard standard, and protective anti-slip Carbo-Tec rubber outsole.
  • Available Sizes: Women’s size 6-11.
  • Fit: Runs large. Recommend ordering a half to a full size down.
  • Price: $71-$184
  • Where to Buy: Georgia Boot site or Georgia Boot Amazon Store.

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Pros & Cons of Georgia Boot Women’s Work Boots

To properly compare and contrast each other’s boots, Cyndi and I each went into the wild to feel our boots in action.

A few positives we noted in each boot included: overall comfort, oil and slip resistant outsole, and both have SPR® Leather exteriors that are resistant to salt and caustic materials to preserve the leather over time.

But how do these boots differ?

Eagle Trail Work Boot

Pros: Overall the women’s Eagle Trail work boot had a very nice snug and secure fit. I also like how durable the boot feels while also being extremely lightweight. The sole of the foot is very firm yet comfortable to stand in and walk in all day.

This style of the women’s Eagle Trail Hiker/Work Boot has an alloy toe. There is another Eagle Trail style without an alloy toe and comes in light brow.

The inner mesh lining is also very comfortable, and functional. I believe this is part of the waterproof system. These boots are also breathable. That’s probably the #1 feature I look for in a boot. Nothing irritates me more than heat-trapping footwear.

Cons: These boots ran half a size too big, especially in the toes. I felt like I could make it work if I didn’t want to go through the process of returning. But between this and the boots being slightly bulky I found myself tripping (more than usual). However, I don’t think the boots would feel as bulky if they were the correct size.

The boots are a little stiff out of the box, but they don’t need a lot of wear to break-in. In fact, they were fine to wear right out of the box.

My only other comment is that even though these boots had a nice snug fit that made my feet feel very secure while walking around, it also made me happy to take them off at the end of the day.


  • Pros: Durable, snug and secure fit, alloy toe, waterproof and breathable.
  • Cons: Half a size too big, need a little breaking-in, happy to take off at the end of the day.

Pull-on Work Boot

Pros: These boots were comfortable and ready-to-go right out of the box. Truly no breaking-in required. These boots were a better example of the all-day wear design. You can also pull them on or take them off with ease. These boots are actually the women’s version of our previous Georgia Boot review.

These boots breathe. In fact, the first time Cyndi wore these boots she walked over two miles in Sedona, AZ. While the 90° weather made her hot in general, she wouldn’t have been able to wear these boots in that heat without the boots’ airflow.

One last pro is how nice these boots look. The boots look even better in person. I know these boots being stylish is more of a perk. But being excited to wear work boots is worth at least noting.

Cons: The biggest con with these boots is the sizing. This particular style of Georgia Boot can run up to a full size too big.


  • Pros: Comfortable and easy on and off, no break-in required, available with or without a steel toe, stylish, truly all-day wear.
  • Cons: A full size too big.

Overall Pros: Comfort

As we mentioned earlier, Georgia Boot emphasizes comfort in the construction of their boots. While we feel we experienced different degrees of comfort.

Overall Cons: Sizing

While both of us liked our boots we both had the same issue: the boots were at least half a size too big.

Had only one of us experienced this issue we would have taken credit for it. However, we both experienced it which encouraged us to look deeper into the sizing issue. The results weren’t overwhelming, but when reading reviews we found other Georgia Boot customers who agreed that Georgia Boots women’s work boots run large. On Amazon there is even a suggestion to order a half to a full size down. However, we did not find this issue with Georgia Boots men’s work boots.

Fortunately, Georgia Boot has a 30-day window for returns and exchanges through both the Georgia Boot website and Amazon store.

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TIA Pick: Best Women’s Work Boots

Honestly, we almost flipped a coin over this.

We chose the Georgia Boot Eagle Trail Women’s Alloy Toe Waterproof Hiker. It’s more of a traditional work boot and includes a few more safety features than the pull-on work boot. However, we’d like to add that the Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec LT Women’s Waterproof Pull-on Boot may be better in an electrical setting because it forgoes the conductive alloy toe.

All-in-all, this choice comes down to a matter of preference.

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Final Thoughts of Georgia Boot Women’s Work Boots

In the end, neither of these boots are bad. It just comes down to what you’re looking for. For me, I like the style of mine and prefer a boot made for hiking. Cyndi’s boots are more pillowy and she likes that these boots also fit in with her everyday clothing.

Aside from these few differences, the boots had a lot of similar features: all-day comfort, waterproofing, breathable, and little to no breaking-in required.

Which boot would you go with? Tell us and let us know what trade or specialty craft you’re in.


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