What is Carbo-Tec FLX? Men’s Work Boots Review

A pair of Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec FLX Waterproof Pull-on Men's Work Boots still in box

Do your feet ache at the end of the workday? Do you work at wet and slick locations, or around electrical? Or do you just want a pair of work boots that will survive more than a few months on the job? Good news, Georgia Boot has released a new line of Carbo-Tec FLX Men’s Work Boots. Carbo-Tec FLX combines durability, safety, and comfort into one boot for professional tradesmen.

I received a pair of these Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec FLX Men’s Work Boots. Today I’m sharing more details about these work boots, including highlighted features, and my personal opinion on them. And how they compare to other men’s work boots we’ve reviewed over the years.

G.B. Men’s Work Boot Guide

Alright, let’s see if these boots are made for working in…

About Georgia Boot Work Boots

Georgia Boot is a U.S.A. based company originally founded in Atlanta, GA. The brand has focused on providing quality footwear since 1937. Today, Georgia Boots is known for that quality. The company may best be known for its work boots designed for trade professionals, loggers, farmers, and ranchers. They also create a variety of casual footwear for men, women, and children.

What is Carbo-Tec FLX?

Carbo-Tec FLX is where durability merges with all-day comfort and support for your feet. The durability comes from the Carbo-Tec Rubber outsole. This outsole provides slip resistance, along with protection from heat, chemicals, and abrasions.

In addition to safety and durability, the Carbo-Tec FLX line was designed for comfort, which comes from two main areas. The first is the Shovel Shank XL built within the underside of the boot. This shank offers three times as much support as standard fiberglass shanks.

Comfort also comes from the Advanced Memory Polyurethane (AMP) sole and the FLX-FIT Technology. The sole provides instant comfort, the FLX-FIT design makes these boots comfortable and easy to take on and off.

Not Carbo-Tec FLX, but these work boots have a nail-free construction and exceed ASTM F2892 electrical hazard standards. This is a plus for electricians or anyone doing electrical work.

Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec FLX Overview

Georgia Boot currently has three main styles available in the Carbo-Tec FLX line. This is the men’s work boot that I have.

  • Product Name: Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec FLX Waterproof Pull-on Work Boot
  • Model #: GB00620
  • Style: 11 in. tall cowboy-style work boot. Upper boot is made from full-grain leather.
  • Available Sizes: Men’s size 7 to 15, and available in average or wide width.
  • Features: Durable Carbo-Tec Rubber outsole, supportive Shovel Shank XL, comfortable AMP insole, waterproof, nail-free construction, lightweight, and easy on/off FLX-FIT Technology, pull-holes, and leather pull-straps.
  • Where to Buy: $210 from Georgia Boot or $231.99 from Amazon.

MORE Carbo-Tec FLX Styles

For those interested in steel-toe work boots, Georgia Boot offers two similar cowboy-style men’s work boots with an alloy toe. Georgia Boot also offers an 8 in. Carbo-Tec FLX Lacer-style men’s work boot in their Carbo-Tec FLX Work Boot Collection.

More boot styles are available for men, women, and children at the Georgia Boot site and the Georgia Boot Amazon Store.

Men’s Work Boot Review

I went ahead and gave these Carbo-Tec FLX boots a try. To be frank, these boots were exactly what Georgia Boot claimed they would be. Here is what stood out to me…

FLX-FIT Technology Comfort

The FLX-FIT Tech really does make these boots comfortable to take on and off. I’m actually overcoming a foot injury right now. I immediately noticed the AMP insole provides firm, but comfortable support. The inside of the boot has a mesh lining which is also very comfortable. I believe this also allows the boot to “breathe”.

Carbo-Tec Durability & Safety

Bottom sole and shank area on Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec FLX Waterproof Pull-on Men's Work Boots

This model does not have the alloy toe. That’s not a problem for me, but there are two men’s work boots available that offer that. That being said, the boots are durable without the alloy toe. The Carbo-Tec Rubber outsole is thick and really lightweight despite its size. I haven’t had these boots for very long, so I’m interested to see how they hold up over time.

Waterproof & Weather

I haven’t had bad weather to try these out in yet. However, I’m really curious to see how these boots perform in a Chicagoland winter. The weather is so wild here. I feel like half the winter season is just slush. I’m excited about the Georgia Waterproof System because nothing is worse than cold and wet socks and ankles.


I felt like the boots ran true to size. They fit kind of snug, but in a way that applies gentle pressure that supports the foot and ankle throughout the workday.

Georgia Boot Men’s Work Boot Value

Again, the Georgia Boot Carbo-Tec FLX Waterproof Pull-on Men’s Work Boot are $210 from Georgia Boot or $231.99 from Georgia Boot’s Amazon store.

I compared these to other cowboy-style men’s work boots from brands like Danner, Red Wing, and Timberland. Timberland did have some less expensive options in the $160-$190 range. However, all three brands had similar work boots for nearly the exact same price.

In these scenarios, if I’m considering a new brand I like to consider…

  1. My past experience with competitor brands
  2. What features are the most important for my daily-use
  3. Return policy

Personally, I’m open to new brands right now because my favorite men’s work boot was discontinued. In addition to the comfort and durability, I like the breathable waterproof aspect. On top of that, Georgia Boot has a 30-day return policy and a 1-year limited warranty.

All of this in my opinion gives me confidence in trying out Georgia Boots as a new brand for me.

Final Review Georgia Boot Men’s Work Boots

Georgia Boot is a new brand for me, personally. However, I immediately recognized the quality the company boots puts into their work boots. I found these Carbo-Tec FLX Waterproof Pull-on Men’s Work Boots to be extremely comfortable and supportive. The sole felt sturdy like it could handle the jobsite and manage different terrain or conditions, yet lightweight enough that you didn’t daydream about chucking them off.

How about you? Do you have experience with Georgia Boot men’s work boots?

If so, share your profession and how your boots have held up to the demands of the job.


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