Are Cheap Power Tool Accessories Worth Buying?




The one question we receive over and over is , “Are Cheap power tools or power tool accessories worth buying?”.  As a quick answer, yes they are worth every penny if all your doing is lending your power tool accessories to your neighbors or father-in-law.  No, if you are using them day in and day out.  Now, why it is true most of the time you get what you pay for, sometimes it doesn’t always apply.  Take for instance, say your going to sand some plaster walls and prep them for a fresh coat of paint.  Do you really want to use your premium Porter Cable hand sander or do you want to use that Porter Cable sander for your nice woodworking projects.  If you know you are going to beat up a tool such as in the above example, then maybe you might want to get a cheap $10 sander that will get the job done and then you might have to throw away because it breaks.  Well, the same is true with power tool accessories.

As with the brand name accessories, yes you do pay more or a premium because of the name, but most of the time you also get a better quality of accessory.  If you don’t follow us that much and just started to hear about us, take some time and read our article on cheap vs professional tools so you understand our point of view on saving money.  Now you may be asking yourself, “Isn’t a saw blade just a saw blade or a drill bit just a drill bit?”  Technically speaking, yes.  But there is far more to the subject than technically speaking.  With cheaper power tool accessories, not as much thought or structure goes into making a good quality accessory.  Sometimes we have seen wrong angles on reciprocating saw blades, sometimes the drill bits don’t have the right cutting angle and sometimes the materials are just not as good as the professional tool accessories.

If you have an inferior accessory, it can cause a lot of problems.  First, the job might take longer because you are replacing blades or other accessories more often and in the long run this actually cost more.  Another problem is putting more wear and tear on your power tools.  Because the accessory is not working to its maximum capacity, the way a professional accessory should, the tool has to do more work, which means more heat, which means a shorter life of the tool.

Now we could go on and on about professional power tool accessories, but we hope you get our point.  So, remember if you have a neighbor who wants to borrow some accessories and you know they will end up wrecking your tools, pass along the cheaper accessories and leave the professional ones for yourself.


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