Hilti SD 5000-A22 Cordless Screw Gun



If you are a homeowner, Hilti may not mean anything to you, but for a professional, Hilti means quality.  Hilti power tools are some of the best on the market and while they cost more, they are worth it in the long run.  Hilti continues to stay at the top of the construction industry game by offering high quality tools and innovative solutions for their users.  The new SD 5000 AA22 cordless drywall screwdriver is no different.

What is great about this tool, besides it being a Hilti, is the option to drive single screws. In addition, the user can attach a SMD 57 magazine head making it ready for collated screws.  The one thing Hilti understands is the worker.  All their tools are designed for the construction worker working 12 hour days.  They take pride in designing a well balanced power tool, and we are sure the Hilti SD 5000-A22 Cordless Screw Gun is no different.  This screw gun is powered by a 22V Lithium battery.  Hence the name, 5000, it has an RPM of 5000. It uses a two finger trigger switch to operate.

All these features make it great for any drywaller on the jobsite.  Great for fastening drywall panels to metal or wood studs or fastening drywall track.

Have you had experience with this cordless screwdriver?  If so let us know what you think.



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