Porter Cable is the pioneer of the sanders. They have continued to bring new sanders to the market and improved the current sanders. I have talked with a lot of carpenters and others who use sanders and have heard over and over that the only sander is the Porter Cable. They offer a wide variety of sanders, such as orbital, finishing, profile, belt and specialty sanders.

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Porter Cable Sanders – Porter Cable offers the standard 5″ orbital sander. Most of them are the same in terms of power, but as with any sander make sure you get a variable speed. Different woods require different speeds. The belt sanders either come in 3 x 24 or 4 x 24. They have other sizes, but I would stick with either of these sizes as they are the most common. Even though there are a lot of sanders available, a random orbit sander will work on most of your jobs. If you will be removing large amounts of stock, a belt sander will be perfect.

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