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Are you looking to buy new safety gear?  Do you know what brand or manufacturer to buy?  As you know there are so many brands, models and manufacturers to choose from, it’s hard deciding which one is right for you.  Tools in Action tests and reviews the newest safety gear in the marketplace.  Below you can find a list of our recent safety gear reviews to assist you with your buying decision.  Don’t go blindly into your purchasing decision.  Become an informed buyer and know the products in the marketplace.  After reading through our reviews if you still need help, take a look at the Power Tool Forum.  The forum is filled with awesome people who can help answer questions you have.  If you are looking to buy additional tools, take a look at our Power Tool Guides where you can search by different specifications.  Read our safety gear reviews below to get started with your research.

ISOtunes Xtra Headphones Review

ISOtunes Xtra Headphones Review

Hearing protection isn’t what I consider fun. Generally speaking, safety equipment is always a little hard to get excited about. It’s a necessary evil...

ISO Tunes – Noise Isolating Earbuds

Over the years we have become wiser to understanding just how sensitive our ears are to noise.  We are starting to understand that we...

Uvex S3970DF Stealth OTG Safety Goggles

Safety is the first thing we should think about, but usually it's the last thing we think about.  I know for me, I hate...
safety eye protection

DeWALT DPG82-11C Safety Goggles

I have worn glasses for 15+ years.  I hated my glasses, so I recently got Lasik eye surgery.  Now I miss the safety protection...

DEWALT DPG82-11C Anti-Fog Safety Goggles – Great Gift

Losing a few fingers is no biggie, but losing an eye or 2 can slow you down.  Here it Tools In Action safety is...

ESS Protective Glasses Review – The Best of the Best

Okay, let's face the facts.  First, Dan and myself are the worst people when it comes to safety.  I have a lame excuse and...

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