DeWALT DPG82-11C Safety Goggles

safety eye protection

I have worn glasses for 15+ years.  I hated my glasses, so I recently got Lasik eye surgery.  Now I miss the safety protection of having glasses.  I went looking for some safety glasses and came across the DeWALT DPG82-11C safety goggles on Amazon.  The are a best seller and have pretty good reviews.  For under $11 we decided to splurge and get a pair. To our surprise they are actually very comfortable and offered good visibility.  For the money you can’t really go wrong. check them out on Amazon.


  1. You do of course realize that eyeglasses offer protection from flying paperclips and rubber bands and not much else, right? An acquaintance was on the receiving end of a 2×4 that kicked back out of his miter saw and spent several hours in surgery having the shards of shattered plastic removed from in and around his eye socket. He was lucky not to have lost his eye.

    So, gross stories aside – I know you guys joke around in the vids about safety equipment, but I don’t want anyone to read this and think “I’m wearing my prescription glasses, I don’t need safety goggles/glasses.”

  2. I just bought a pair of them a few weeks ago but haven’t really tried them out yet seem very comfortable I wear glasses and them seem to fit good over my glasses also.TIA

  3. I bought these a month or 2 ago and love them! Just today i had a 1 ton pile of dirt to move and needed rocked these so no dirt would get in my eyes.

  4. Has anyone used these out in the field yet. Was wanting to know about fogging up. I use a pair from a chain saw company but after some use they started to fog up on me. I live in a humid environment and want to try these, at half the price of the ones I have I was just wondering how well they worked.


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