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Not too long ago we reviewed the the Campbell Hausfeld Nail Gun.  This was a great nail gun, a lot of options and power for the price.  Campbell Hausfeld recently introduced four new homeowner kits.  Each kit has a compressor and a nail gun and from there each kit differs a little.  The four kits are:

  • Home Decor – FP260096
  • Home Improvement Project Kit – FP260097
  • Home Improvement Project Kit – FP260098
  • Home Maintenance Kit – FP260094

 As you can see all four of the compressor kits are designed for the home owner and each kit servers a different purpose.  Today we reviewed the Home Improvement Project Kit – FP260097 which comes with the following items:

  • 2 gallon air compressor
  • Storage bag
  • 2 in. 2-in-1 Nailer/stapler
  • Nails
  • Staples
  • Molding bar
  • Angle finder
  • Speed square
  • Level
  • Putty knife
  • Utility knife
  • Blow gun and nozzle
  • Plug
  • Coupler
  • 25 ft. air hose
  • Project DVD
  • BONUS Caulk Gun

With the economy in its current stage, it pays for homeowners to save a little money and complete some of the projects themselves.  Don’t worry, if your new to DIY items around the house, Campbell Hausfeld (CH) even included a great DVD that has step by step projects and how to complete them.  What makes this kit so nice for the homeowner, besides the DVD, is all the added accessories.  If your a beginner, you can just buy this kit and pretty much have everything you need to start or complete a small project around the house.  You don’t have to waste time or money by trying to shop around and get all the needed accessories on your own.

For the review we focused our attention on four main items, the compressor, the nail gun, the caulk gun and the accessories.  As you can see by the video below, we didn’t get too crazy with the use, we just wanted to show you the items in action and how easy they are to work together.

The pancake compressor is nice, while a little loud as with most compressors, this is a very light compressor.  This can easily be carried from room to room.  The gauges are very easy to read and the PSI adjustment knob is easy to work with.  Storing the compressor while not in use is a snap as the power cord has an area to wrap around, so it is not just loose.  The accessories fit in the top of the compressor, so they are always there when you need them.

The nailer/stapler is also a great homeowners gun.  The model number is SB504000.  Just in case you ever forget what size staples or nails this gun takes, CH put right on the side the dimensions, so they are always easy to find in case you forget.  The nail size is from 3/8″ to 2″ max and the staples are 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ and 1/4″W.  The minimum PSI is 60, while the max is 120.  The gun is very light and balance isn’t too bad.  It does have a one finger action trigger unless you have small hands, then you can use two fingers.  The depth adjustment is very easy to control and get a precise drive down each time.  There is a nice window on the side that shows the user how many nails or staples are left.  Two things to note is this doesn’t have a bump feature and if the user gets a jam, you will need a hex wrench.  We nailed into mostly hard wood and never had a jam.  However we did open it up to see how easy it would be to clear and once the front is open, you have access to everything.

There is not much to air powered caulk guns.  We did try and show you this one in action.  Overall the caulk gun is very nice.  It weighs less than a traditional manual caulk gun, so the user does have more control.  The handle is large enough even for bigger hands.  The trigger is extremely nice because the user has great control.  The trigger is not to loose where you have no control and not too tight where your fingers get tired of holding the trigger.

The last items are the accessories.  We like the idea that this kit comes with so many accessories to get a user started.  And why the accessories really do work and help, we just wish a couple were a little better quality.  We really can not complain because the most important parts of this kit, the compressor, the nailer and the caulk gun are great, especially for the price.  All the accessories will do what you need them to do and will help you get the job done.  Also remember we usually work with professional power tools, so that is what we are use to and are a little picky.  The DVD is great to help you learn more and get project done the right way.  Very easy to use and follow.

Overall this is a nice little kit to get started.  What we really like about the kit is it really comes with everything a new homeowner would need to get a project done.  While we do think some of the accessories could be a little better quality, the main items such as the compressor, nailer and gun are great beginner sets to get started.  For the price, it is hard to beat.  The DVD is a great tool by itself to help the homeowner get jobs done.  This kit will allow you to do so many projects from filling bike tires, sealing interior and exterior items, molding, landscaping, furniture, flooring, hobbies and more.  Again for the price and all the different items you can do around the house, this is a great homeowners starter kit.


  1. I have a 2″ campbell hausfeld 2 in 1 nailer/stapler model SB504000. I would like to sell it. It is brand new, but only problem is I don’t know how much to sell it for. Can you assist me? Thanks


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