Panasonic’s New IP Tool Line



Panasonic created a tougher power tool to take more abuse from the user. This month Panasonic is launching a new 14.4V line of power tools. The Tough Tool IP is truly tougher than previous models as it is better against dust and water, two of the main enemies to power tools. Now you may ask, “Don’t all power tools have this capability?” Well yes they do, at least the major brands, but this new tool line up is recognized by the International Electro Technical Commission or IEC.

The test these tools run through are some pretty heavy duty tests as they are put in some of the toughest conditions and then pelted by water and dust over and over, then they are checked to make sure they still work. What is great about Panasonics new line is that it doesn’t just have one tool in this line up, but 13 different tools which means more flexibility for the users. All 13 power tools passed the test and reached level IP56 which classifies the tools as “Dust-protected” and “Protected against powerful water jets”.

In order to create a tougher power tool, Panasonic treated their switches with a special compound and in the Rotary Hammer an additional rubber cap ensures the switch is sealed against water and dust. The electronic circuits of the drills control panel and the battery packs are covered by a Urethane layer for maximum protection. Inside each battery pack each individual battery cell is sealed to avoid any intrusion of moisture. All and all this can really add to the overall toughness of the power tool. Now we haven’t seen any of the tests done, only what we have read and heard from people on the street, so only time will tell if these are truly going to be a tough tool.


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