Bosch Wireless Charging L-BOXX Bay – Across the Pond

Bosch charger L-Boxx

What a wireless charging L-BOXX you say? Why , yes indeed! So if you happen to live in Europe it looks like they are coming out with a charging L-BOXX.  Some of you have had a hard time grasping the wireless idea.  This video I think better explains the direction and advantages of wireless Inductive charging.  The technician on the go will always have a charged battery to tackle any task. Click here to see the L-BOXX wireless charging video, unfortunately they disabled the ability to embed,




  1. Ok now that is cool! Service techs, jobsite jumpers, on call plumbers, the list goes on. This is where I get on board with the wireless technology. Before it was just set your drill on the pad and it charges, while that is neat this puts the technology to use in a big way. I am curious to see the wiring of the Box to the power of the vehicle and how you can daisy chain them (if you can).


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