Ryobi Bluetooth Hybrid 18V Radio


What, Ryobi has a new Bluetooth radio out?  Yes they do and you know what, I don’t know anything about it, not even the model number, it’s that new.  Lucky for us, we had an expert from Ryobi come to the TIA compound and explain it in great detail.  You can either watch the video below or read what I have taken from the video.

The new Ryobi Bluetooth radio runs off their 18V battery platform.  One cool idea, which Ryobi does with a lot of their tools, is have different power sources.  You can either use a battery to power this radio or an extension cord.  As an FYI, it will not charge a battery when plugged in.  The radio has two 5 watts speakers.  While it’s not a Power Box, the sound and loudness are pretty good.  There are four modes of play, FM, AM, AUX or Bluetooth, also it does store up to 10 favorite stations.  One thing you will notice is a USB port.  The USB port will charge your cell phone or iPad, it’s a 2A port.  This is a pretty cool feature.

Now as of today, you can’t get this radio, but soon you will be able to get it through Home Depot.  The price should be about $99, which makes it the perfect Christmas gift.



  1. This thing looks sweet! I hope it cranks out. Bluetooth is a huge reason I want to upgrade my work radio. Definitely gonna be following this thing.


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