Let Winter Workers Rejoice – Paslode’s New Framing Fuel


If you own any of the cordless Paslode nailers that run on their fuel system, you know that winter can take a toll on the fuel and hinder the performance of the tool.  Two years ago I was building a greenhouse in fall and some of the days were pretty cold outside.  I would leave my nailer in the truck overnight, I would always take out the battery and bring it inside, but I would forgot about the fuel.  What happened the next day?  Yes, I was trying all different ways to heat up the nailer and the fuel, so I could get some nailing done.  Leave it to Paslode to fix part of the problem by introducing new Paslode Fuel.  The new Paslode Framing Fuel has a new formula that they guarantee effective down to temperatures of 18 degrees Fahrenheit.  I haven’t heard if the price of the fuel will be the same, but my guess is it will not increase in price.


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