Bosch Introduces Two New Levels

Bosch Level

Bosch introduced a couple new levels.  The Bosch GIM 60 24 in. Digital Level and GIM 120 48 in. Digital Level.  As you know levels play a vital role on any job site.  They not only make our lives easier, but they help us produce a quality finish project, well if you have a quality level.  Just image if the builders of the leaning tower of pisa had a level.  Maybe it would have been built a little straighter, of course maybe it wouldn’t have been such an icon.  Yes, I know it wasn’t built that way, it was more of a joke.  Speaking of quality levels, you can always leave it to Bosch to put out top notch quality products.  Bosch isn’t one of the companies that settles for sub par.  If a product isn’t right and built to the best of specs, they don’t release it.  This is one of the reasons that I love Bosch so much.  They may not be the first to market, but I know each and every time, they produce a tool I can trust.  So here are their two new levels.



Bosch Levels Highlights

  • Illuminated digital displays that automatically rotate and tilt for better readability
  • IP 54 protected housing, offering a more robust level that limits exposure to the dust, dirt and moisture
  • IP 54 protected housing, offering a more robust level that limits exposure to the dust, dirt and moistur· +/- 0.05° accuracy at both 0° and 90°
  • +/- 0.05° accuracy at both 0° and 90°
  • Measurements in degrees, percentages, imperial or metric units
  • Hold/copy function that can freeze a measured value on the screen
  • 80 operational hours using standard alkaline batteries
  • Audible signals and alignment arrows that tell the user when they’ve reached alignment values


  1. That tilting display and using normal alkaline are two of the most attractive features (on top of knowing it has the Bosch name behind it for quality). #TIACREW

  2. These looked pretty sweet when you were at world of concrete. Just got some new fat max levels a few months ago for my birthday, don’t really need a lear level although the angle it tells you is pretty cool. They should come out with one more the size of a torpedo level, not sure if I’ve ever seen on in a bosch, I know they exist.

  3. Nice levels I’ve never used a digital one before but I can see the need for it Bosch makes great quality tools and these are good examples #TIACREW

  4. I’m always wary of hand tools being integrated with electronics. I get that it would be nice for plumbers and folks that need a certain slope, but I’ll be sticking to my conventional levels.

  5. The digital read out sounds pretty freakin’ sweet! I’ve never used one but I bet they’re a life saver. Might have to add it to the tool arsenal.


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