Milwaukee M18 Fuel Braking Grinder – 2783

Milwaukee 2783

Over the years we have done a bunch of grinders, but this grinder is the first of it’s kind.  As you know Milwaukee always pushes the limit on what they can do with their tools to make them better, safer and allow the user to be more productive.  So let me introduce you to the new M18 Milwaukee 2783 Grinder.  As with the other Milwaukee tools you can get this as a bare kit 2783-20 or with batteries 2783-22.  So what is so special about this grinder?

The first big thing is the braking feature.  The tool will come to a complete stop within 2 seconds.  Also, they implemented a kickback reducing clutch, another added safety feature to this grinder.  So I know what you’re expecting, with the new safety features, how much can this really act like a grinder instead of just a cut off tool?  While this grinder has improved safety features, you can still do a lot such as grind, surface preparation and yes cutting.  The one thing that really surprised me was how powerful this grinder is.  I thought for sure if we just applied a little pressure, we could get the overload to kick in, but it was much harder than we expected.

Another huge advantage to this tool is the tool free options.  The Milwaukee 2783 has a proprietary nut called FIXTEC that allows the user to change accessories by hand and also adjust the guard without any tools. The tool comes with Type-1 and type-27 guards.   Another great design about this grinder is it’s proven.  Milwaukee mimicked their corded grinder by using the same gearing system, anti vibration handle and tool body into this new cordless grinder.  The grinder has an 8,500 RPM no load speed.  In regards to the size, it can handle 4.5″ & 5″ disks.

The grinder uses a paddle switch in order to turn on and off the unit.  While I know a majority of people probably love the paddle switch, I tend to favor the top on/off switch.  Maybe because that is what I am use to, but either way I wish Milwaukee offered it in that style also.

I love the fact that Milwaukee built a great grinder.  While their old version was nice, the overload would tend to kick in easily.  With this grinder you get all the power and safety features, but without the hassle of it shutting down on you.  Bottom line, this grinder rocks and if you want productivity in a cordless grinder, this has to be your first choice.


  1. Nice grinder how does it do in the battery eating contest my Dewalt goes thru batteries like crazy but this one has all the other bells and whistles too may be starting a red collection soon thanks Eric great review #TIACREW

  2. Nice looking grinder from Milwaukee. Looks like it will get the job done. Needs a 9.0 battery lol. Thanks for posting Eric.

  3. I always worry about “safety” features affecting the workability of tools. Are we gonna see any video reviews of this item? I’d also be interested in knowing if the “with battery” option includes the 5.0AH? Thanks for all the tool updates and such! #TIACREW

  4. Definitely on my list, I need (want) a cordless grinder, and even though metals are sweet they carry a hefty take. I already have m18 as well. Nice to see a bunch of safety features built into it as grinders are a dangerous to tool to use in the hands of really anybody,especially inexperienced users.

  5. I have been waiting for the fuel version of this to come out. since i bought the fuel circular saw I’ve been slowly going fully cordless. the amount of power you can get from these now is amazing

  6. At first glance, I thought it said “baking grinder”, and I was like, “whaaaaat? I know the trades and donuts go together like peanut butter and jelly, but I never expected that!!”

  7. I am really like the tool free option on this grinder, I hate have to keep track of a tool to change out things, and it is faster to change out. The brake system is nice in case you sit it on the bench to keep it from running off on you. #TIACREW

  8. You know what you have to do now. … tool fight with Metabo! #tiacrew
    Also, acme tools has this 15% off thru tomorrow. … and I want it so bad. Thanks Eric!

  9. I’d love to see how this compares to the new metabo if you ever get the chance to compare them. Right now I think the Metabo would come out on top. The brake is a nice feature. I’m not a fan of the paddle swithch, but that seems to be the direction a lot of people are going. A lot of people make the argument that the switch style are dangerous because they don’t shut off when you let go, but I think a paddle style is more dangerous as it is easy to accidentally trigger them.

  10. I like it, but there is no 360 shield for dust collection, not to mention that for most concrete grinding job the user will need a real corded power tool and more than 10-15minutes runtime on a single charge!
    Don’t get me wrong I love the M18 line from Milwaukee. I have huge system from them. I just believe that for certain jobs the old school “plug in version” is the way to go!

  11. I would love to see this go head to head with the Makita brushless grinder. I love the Makita. I really like how it feels in my hands and the offset of the threaded handle support.

  12. I have the FUEL grinder, but it’s not the braking model. I figured I’d take the risk and not spend the extra cash, but would be a must if I was a contractor and letting other knuckleheads use it. My model came with the 5.0ah battery. Only complaint is there is not top mount for the handle; you can only mount on the left or right. #tiacrew

  13. Man, I really want one of these grinders, I love the brake and the paddle switch. I can’t believe the power they’re getting out of batteries, who would have thought reciprocating saws and grinders could be 18v

  14. great kit, love the tool free disc chance and the tool free guard too..a cordless grinder is the one tool i have yet to pick up for my toolbox and this might be a good option, awesome write up Eric, cheers! #TIACREW


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